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Re: [ExGDBd] Re: 'The View' Was Great!!

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  • Bridget Night
    Oh, thank you for tellling me that. Bridget www.1stbooks.com/bookview/12053 ... From:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2005
      Oh, thank you for tellling me that. Bridget
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      Just a correction. The guy sharing along with Scott Davis was NOT
      Zack but Mike Ensley, a graduate of an Exodus program located in
      Southern California.

      Both of them handled themselves very well.


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      > Hi Everyone,
      > Just watched 'The View' and it was really good. I was trilled how
      it was handled and the questions given and answered were great.
      Scott Davis of Exodus Youth and Zack did such a wonderful job for
      the ex-gay movement! I am so proud of them; so totally honest and
      upfront. What delightful young men. Zack admitted that when he
      first came out as a gay, he got a lot of attention for that and was
      having a good time in the gay lifestyle. So, naturally he was upset
      at first at his parents. He said, "I was a young 15 year old teen
      who thought I had it all figured out." As he went through the
      program he came to see that his parents were right and this felt so
      much better for him. He said he is a lot happier now. He and Scott
      both said these are not conversion camps. No one is forced, once in
      the group, to go on if they have a bad attitude towards the program.
      In fact, Zack said, he has told parents to not push their kids he if
      saw they they did not have a good attitude or desire to change.
      > The topic of 'born gay' was discussed and Scott made good comments
      about nature/nurture and that sexual identity in children starts as
      young as 3 years old so adult gays could think they were born this
      way. They did a great job explaining the program and how it really
      works. Sexual purity for both gay and heterosexuals were
      discussed. I taped it and will have to watch it again because my
      brain is tired today but it was a very positive show and we should
      definitely write the View and thank them for being so fair.
      > Btw, our son did not particularly want to go to any ex-gay
      therapists or ministries but he respected our wishes and did attend
      several exodus meetings, see our local church therapist about 5
      times, went to one of Richard Cohen's healing seminars, and an
      Evergreen conference. He has also seen the I DO EXIST DVD and Sy
      Rogers biography video. He actually liked all of these things but
      he is a very late bloomer and was just getting into the rebellious
      teenage stage of his life when he attended these meetings and so was
      not ready yet. But, he understood that we just wanted him to know
      he has options if he ever does want to change and he was fine with
      that. I think part of the problem is something Dr. Jeffery Robinson
      told us parents one time at a class I took; namely that asking your
      child to go into reparative therapy or ex-gay ministries is like
      asking them to go back to that horrible time when they privately
      tried, on their own, to change. Dr. Robinson said that most of
      these Christian kids who discover they have SSA are horrified that
      they have these feelings so they pray, fast, etc. and try secretly
      to change on their own. I know our son tried to even watch straight
      porn and to fantasize about girls sexually to change. Lots of
      Christian and non- Christian gay guys even try having sex with girls
      just to see if they can have heterosexual feelings. This information
      helped me understand so much more why gays might think that going to
      ex-gay stuff might be like going back to that horrible time in their
      lives when they really tried to changed and couldn't. They do not
      realized that LIA and ex-gay counseling is about getting at the real
      roots of why you have these feelings. Kind of like finding the
      right ointment for a wound.
      > Bridget
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