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Re: Autism..my experience and thoughts

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  • ctickle777
    Interesting info, Kat! Thanks! I hope you too are doing well! : ) If Camille thinks autism is an attachment disorder (which I know you simply speculated
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 2, 2005
      Interesting info, Kat! Thanks! I hope you too are doing well! : )

      If Camille thinks autism is an attachment disorder (which I know you
      simply speculated upon...but even if...) then she and I definitely
      disagree. : ) I definitely believe that environmental factors play
      into both autism and SSA, but I think the two are vastly different,
      as children/individuals with autism receive any number of
      environmental attacks in which their bodies are unable to process,
      which I believe causes the disorder. i.e.: vaccine or heavy metal
      reactions (in mother or child), chemical injuries, dietary issues,
      all of which attack an underdeveloped immune system, in my honest
      opinion, encapsulate the primary cause. Recent research suggests
      that every single chromosome is affected in those with autism...but
      those chromosomal defects differ from individual to individual;
      which, could be the reason that autism is a spectrum disorder,
      affecting each victim differently. Some have language, others do
      not. Some are severe, others are mild...etc. Too many children,
      including my own son, appear to develop normally, and then, an
      environmental attack (or series of attacks) creates havoc on their
      body as a whole, thus sending them into the realm of autism.

      This is gonna' be long, but I'm on a roll here and all these
      programs regarding autism compel me to share some stuff that I think
      will be beneficial to those here who likely know someone affected by

      Here's my view, in a nutshell. An underdeveloped immune system
      (child) receives an attack...such as an overload of mercury (through
      any variety of sources) or in my son's case, the MMR vaccine,
      created a problem. My son was born with weaknesses...immune wise. He
      already had gastrointestinal issues, reflux and colic for example.
      So, what we think happened is this. He begins life developing quite
      normally...not at the same pace as his twin sister, but nonetheless,
      he's meeting all his developmental milestones. He has difficulty
      digesting certain proteins from birth (casein being one of them)
      which causes some of his gastrointestinal colic and reflux. Then,
      he's given a series of viral attacks, not individually, but
      simultaneously. Although the Pediatric Institute recommends the
      triple MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine at 18 months, our twins
      receive it at 13 months. One of my children handled the triple
      vaccine, but our son, didn't. We believe the measles antibodies were
      not properly absorbed by his intestines, and instead became embedded
      in his intestine, thus causing a leaky gut. When the intestine is
      damaged, proteins and nutrients are not properly digested and
      absorbed...which can cause many many issues. Here's the amazing
      thing...studies have shown a link to digestion and autism.

      Researchers discovered that individuals with autism were producing
      high amounts of opiates, higher than that of developmentally normal
      adults. These opiates were found in urine and spinal fluid samples
      taken from both typical and autistic persons. Opiates, in high
      quantities, like the drug morphine, can create a hallucinogenic
      effect. When you burn your finger on a hot surface, your brain
      naturally produces opiates to numb and lessen the pain. So, it's a
      natural process in all of us, but for some reason, individuals with
      autism appear to produce MORE opiates than the typical person.

      Do I think children are born with autism? Not exactly. I don't think
      anyone is born with SSA (though various personality traits may play
      a role). I believe children are born with the biological marker for
      autism...and if those children receive certain environmental
      attacks, paired with a genetic susceptibility (immune system
      deficiency or other related condition) any such child is at
      tremendous risk for developing an autism spectrum disorder. I don't
      think "bad parenting" or a lack of any type of care is the issue. In
      other words, the hype that a child with autism isn't parented
      properly (parental involvement, or relational lack thereof, appears
      to be a common theme with those who experience SSA) is irrelevent to
      autism, IMHO; which is why few people know how to diagnose and treat
      autism effectively. Most people don't believe autism is treatable;
      yet, a fortunate few children who receive effective early
      intervention for the disorder have become totally indistinguishable
      from their peers. Anyway, so many treatments are available
      now...it's a shame few people believe autism is treatable, and that
      some children appear to recover from the disorder completely. The
      mainstream medical community shuns this idea, and I don't understand
      why. I know too many kids who are "typical" after a few years of
      intensive 1:1 treatment...it's as though these kids are locked
      inside their bodies, and in order to retrieve them and bring them
      back into our world, different teaching methods must be consistently
      used to pull them back. Well, now I'm rambling...but these are my
      thoughts anyway. I recall our neurologist telling us our son may
      never talk...and now, few people can tell he has any disability.
      Yet, no one understands what it required to get him to this
      place...when it required tremendous effort and hours (months) of
      therapy to get him to accomplish the simplest of tasks, like "come
      here" or "sit down." It took him roughly five months to accomplish
      these things, when most kids do it naturally; yet, now, he's able to
      do the same things his peers are able to do. Some idiot medical
      professionals actually have the nerve to suggest he couldn't have
      been autistic, or at least not moderately autistic...so instead of
      him actually making progress, some people have the audacity to
      claim "he was misdiagnosed." Well, I suppose if someone thinks
      autism isn't treatable, then it's no wonder they believe those who
      seemingly recover must have been misdiagnosed.

      When I was in college, I actually tried a hallucinogenic drug, and
      my senses were elevated and enhanced. I saw the wood grain in a door
      move, the veins and creases in the palms of my hands were
      captivating, I was in la-la-land for a short while. I saw and
      experienced intricacies I had never seen before...in fact, I must
      have stared at objects for unlimited amounts of time just because of
      their "appearance." I regret doing the drug of course, but now that
      I have a child with autism, this theory, called opioid-excess
      theory, makes sense to me. So, researchers discovered excessive
      amounts of opiates in autistic persons, and linked the opiates to
      certain undigested proteins. The proteins gluten and casein (all
      grains like wheat, rye, barley) and casein being all dairy...are
      similar in shape. Each protein is broken down in our bodies by a
      unique digestive enzyme. So for every protein we consume, a specific
      enzyme in our bodies is responsible for breaking that protein down
      into an absorbable component. Researches have discovered that for
      whatever reason (the theories have not concluded on one reason above
      another) individuals with autism cannot break down certain proteins.
      These undigested proteins are creating gastrointestinal havoc, then
      leaking into the bloodstream and making their way to the brains of
      individuals with autism. So, what some would confuse with a "food
      allergy" is actually more like a "brain allergy" in individuals with
      autism, because these undigested proteins create an increase in
      opiate production. So, this is why many, many children (children
      over adults due to brain elasticity) respond positively to dietary
      intervention, where certain proteins are removed from the diets to
      reduce the self-stimulatory (repetitive, odd behaviors and
      mannerisms) of individuals with autism. Of course, there are other
      factors, like yeast, that can create the same leaky gut syndrome and
      cause problems, like hyperactivity among other things. My son has
      been on a specific dietary intervention since his second birthday,
      that has been absolutely KEY in his progression out of autism.
      Within weeks of implementing the diet (100% with no slip-ups) he had
      significant improvement in eye-contact, relatedness, language, and
      his repetitive behaviors (head-banging, spinning himself or objects
      endlessly, being enamored by objects, inappropriate behavior with
      objects, laughing at empty space, finger twisting, head motions,
      hand flapping, etc...) lessened! Now, we know when he's consumed a
      certain unacceptable food just by his actions and behavior. The diet
      is terrible, it's limited, it's no fun, but by golly, consuming
      certain foods is an outright attack on his ability to function, so
      we simply don't give them to him. He actually loses (forgets)
      previously learned material when he consumes certain foods.

      Blame my vent session on Henry! : ) He got me started on the autism
      thing! LOL! : ) Love ya, Henry!!


      --- In exgaydiscussionboard@yahoogroups.com, "Katherine Davies"
      <katdavies1973@y...> wrote:
      > Hi Christa,
      > Camille Paglia has many ideas. She is very intelligent but I
      > see a connection between autism and homosexuality or
      > either. However, I have not read her opinions on it. There are
      > some who would describe autism and homosexuality as both being
      > attachment disorders. Maybe that is what she is talking about.
      > Kat D.
      > P.S. Hope you are doing well.
      > --- In exgaydiscussionboard@yahoogroups.com, "ctickle777"
      > <ctickle777@y...> wrote:
      > >
      > > I'm interested in reading what this woman has to say...but I'll
      > > quite honest...I don't see a link personally, as I'm an autism
      > > researcher and parent whose child is affected...but I'd like to
      > keep
      > > an open mind and at least read what she has to say, despite the
      > fact
      > > that I'm not a supporter of the feminist movement :o). Would
      > > definitely make for some interesting discussions...would you
      > > posting any interesting links? Thanks!
      > >
      > > Christa : )
      > >
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      > > wrote:
      > > >
      > > > Hey Yuh'all,
      > > >
      > > > For those into alternative, underground exgay theory! Camille
      > > Paglia
      > > > suggested that there is a link between autism and
      > > In
      > > > my experience I think this is a valid hypothesis.
      > > >
      > > > Also, are there any other Camille Paglia fans here. I was
      > > out
      > > > of the Camille Paglia Yahoo group, exgays aren't welcome. (For
      > > those
      > > > who don't know her, Camille Paglia is a radical libertine
      > > feminist,
      > > > her fans generally are extreme liberals, folks like us aren't
      > > > generally liked by her fan base!)
      > > >
      > > > Mike
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