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RE: [ExGDBd] Why Didn't Jesus Talk About Homosexuality When He Was On Earth?

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  • saltnlight@netryders.com
    Bridget, What you have said here is correct and well put but I would like to add a few things. We must realize that God lives in a different dimension from us
    Message 1 of 18 , Jan 6, 2005

      What you have said here is correct and well put but I would like to add a
      few things. We must realize that God lives in a different dimension from
      us and sees things completely differently than we can. Our finite minds
      are unable to conceive of God’s intent in things He allows but often we
      get to watch the out workings sometime in the future and then we recognize
      it for having come from say, a disaster. It is not for us to know the
      reason for what He does because He is Sovereign.

      One thing we can rest assured in and that is His boundless love. Perhaps
      this is a messaage to all of us as to how important a soul is and we need
      be about our Father’s business, sowing seed, watering and allowing God the


      > Hi Rick and Everyone,
      > I am trying to catch up on some of my mail and wanted to reply to this
      > one that Rick responded to. I believe God gave us a heart and a mind so
      > we would use both. When seeking out a mate, many, like Rick mentioned
      > below, allow their feelings or 'chemistry' to rule their choice. They
      > are SO in love and passionate when they get married and 6 months later
      > they hate each others guts. On the other hand, some people marry someone
      > because they have a good character and are nice, (they use only their
      > mind and rational to choose a partner) but there is no physical
      > attraction. That usually doesn't work either. In Isaiah, the Lord
      > says, 'Let us reason together." In other worlds use your mind. We are
      > also told to listen to our feelings ('did not our hearts burn within
      > us).
      > What I am getting at here is that if we use our heart and mind together
      > and allow Heavenly Father to touch our Spirits we can make good choices
      > in choosing a mate. And as Rick mentioned, even marriages ordained by
      > God can have problems and Satan works on those as well. Often opposites
      > attract and God guides us to our opposite to help polish us like
      > diamonds. This hurts at times and is not always fun. When my son was
      > watching the Sy Rodgers video during this Christmas vacation, he found
      > it interesting when Sy talked about how he met his present wife. The
      > Lord had told her she would marry him before God told him. She was not
      > thrilled to have the Lord tell her that as Sy was not yet the type of
      > man she was attracted to. But, within a year or so he became the man she
      > could love and respect and when he proposed to her she told him how the
      > Lord had spoken to her over a year ago. The thing is, they met at
      > church, not in a bar (even though I know on occasion God can bring
      > people together there too.)
      > Of course I hope to live long enough to see my Son find God, accept
      > Christ in his life, have heterosexual feelings, get married to a Godly
      > girl, and have children. This is a mother's prayer. I also pray for
      > the single guys and girls on this group to find the same. This coming
      > march will be my husband and I's 33rd wedding anniversary. It has not
      > always been easy our marriage, but because we believe we were brought
      > together by God and have made God our partner throughout our marriage we
      > have overcome much and our love has grown. Our children have often
      > commented on how much they have appreciated us staying together and
      > making our marriage work.
      > Bridget
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      > Was On Earth?
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      > I agree with what everyone has been saying about this subject, sex
      > outside of marriage is just wrong, and that is that. But what most
      > people don't realize or think about, is that many "straight"
      > marriages are wrong as well. That's why there are so many divorces
      > and also why the bible says it is wrong to get divorced. Because
      > marriage is supposed to be a God-ordained thing, not just run out
      > and marry the first person you think you love because it's a
      > physical thing, without even consulting God or inviting Him into it.
      > Just because two people find each other attractive, and even if
      > there's "chemistry" there, doesn't mean it's all God ordained. I
      > learned that the hard way by getting married back in the 80's
      > because I thought it would "cure me" and was the right thing to do.
      > So many people are torn up over this whole divorce thing in the
      > Bible. And I personally think the Bible is talking about a marriage
      > that is ORDAINED of God, not a fly-by-night whirlwind marriage that
      > many people like movie stars and stuff do, or dive into it head-
      > first without so much as a thought about anything except what YOU
      > want. How could it be wrong to divorce someone YOU chose and God
      > didn't choose for you and was all wrong in the first place? If
      > people would let God choose their mates, although they would never
      > be problem free, they coudn't help but work out with Him in the
      > middle of them. Now I know someone is probably going to say, "But
      > marrages like that do work sometimes", and I agree, if they
      > eventually invite God into them and let Him take it over. I'm
      > probably opening up a whole new can of worms here by saying that,
      > but that's my thoughts.
      > Be blessed,
      > Rick
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