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Re: [ExGDBd] Hey everyone!

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  • Todd
    Salvatore, I don t have a huge testimony of how I got free. Only a couple of months ago I failed miserably in my struggle with homosexuality, but I can say
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 8, 2004
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      I don't have a huge testimony of how I got free. Only
      a couple of months ago I failed miserably in my
      struggle with homosexuality, but I can say that over
      the last few weeks I am finding freedom. I know it's
      still along road to go, but I believe now more then
      ever before that freedom is possible and no matter how
      difficult it might be, that I have to keep fighting
      until I am free.

      have you tried looking at exodus international's
      global website www.exodusglobalalliance.org. There
      might be a ministry nearby that can help and support

      There is also an online course at
      www.settingcaptivesfree.com that walks you through 60
      days of bible study so that you can find freedhom from

      Other then that, I have no great words of wisdom.
      Don't give up though, many people have fought this
      battle and won - you can win it too.

      --- Salvatore Maltese <sciappedda@...> wrote:

      > Hi angeleyes,
      > I'm Salvo (I'm from Italy), I'm been
      > fighting against my homosexuality for 6 years (when
      > I gave my heart to Jesus).
      > I would like to read your testimony since sometimes
      > I feel discouraged, I spent these years fasting,
      > praying and serving God as I could, but it's not
      > enough, because I'm still struggling. Sometimes I
      > feel like taking a step forward but some others
      > taking a step backward. I'm having a bad time now.
      > One of the most important reasons why I looked for
      > this site is just to find someone to talk to.
      > Talk about my "problem", my private "daily fight", I
      > think it's not good keeping inside this secret.
      > Actually I have to keep it a secret, because most of
      > people (even Christian believers are not ready to
      > this).
      > I would like to know someone who can help me, give
      > me some advise, who can exhort me, and so on. But i
      > would like to know another brother in Christ who is
      > fighting my same battle, too; I suppose this site is
      > the better way to do it.
      > I would like to meet brothers who want to share
      > their joys, their pains, their point of view about
      > the best way to fight homosexuality, I would be glad
      > of that.
      > I hope you to answer me.
      > God bless you.
      > Salvo
      > angeleyes_abm <angeleyes_abm@...> wrote:
      > Hey you guys! I'm new here, but I just wanted to
      > post that I have a
      > strong testimony and if anyone needs a penpal or
      > someone to relate
      > to, email me. I'd love to help and we can never have
      > too many
      > friends, right?
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