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Re: Christianity vs. Islam: TO TOM

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  • ctickle777
    Hi Tom! What awesome commentary between you both! I m struggling a tiny bit to follow each of you b/c the font differentiation is not clear on the board, but I
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      Hi Tom! What awesome commentary between you both! I'm struggling a
      tiny bit to follow each of you b/c the font differentiation is not
      clear on the board, but I think I can follow your words...since they
      are so incredibly informative and concise! : ) Reading these posts
      are enormously educational and beneficial to me! So, thanks for
      sharing with all of us! What a wonderful gift God has given you!

      I have learned after studying various religions that those who are
      entrapped in a cult are so deceived and so convinced, it is quite
      difficult to break through the veil of deception. Satan works
      overtime to deceive all of us...but for those he has successfully
      deceived who fall under the "false religion" category, they are so
      spiritually deluded, many times they won't even consider the
      perspective of another. They usually dupe out of any and all
      controversial discussion. So, I am thrilled that you are engaged in
      discussion with this person! I'll definitely pray that the Holy
      Spirit break through to this woman.

      Ironically, I discussed false doctrine/false religions with my
      Discipler earlier in the week. In the Book of Ephesians, we are
      informed about Spiritual Warfare and Satan. The warfare is not
      against nations, countries, peoples, languages or races, but
      instead, it is God versus Satan; Good versus Evil. Satan is not
      omnipresent (everywhere at once) or omniscient (all-knowing) but he
      does send his angels out to do his trickery against God's creation.
      One of the Biblical descriptions of Satan that always stands out in
      my mind are: LIAR and ANGEL OF LIGHT. He imitates and emulates God!
      I believe that Satan can perform miracles based on several verses in
      Scripture. (noted below)

      Thessalonians 2:9-12 states:

      "…do not to become easily unsettled or alarmed by some prophecy,
      report or letter supposed to have come from us, saying that the day
      of the Lord has already come. 3Don't let anyone deceive you in any
      way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the
      man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction. 4He
      will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called
      God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God's temple,
      proclaiming himself to be God. 5Don't you remember that when I was
      with you I used to tell you these things? 6And now you know what is
      holding him back, so that he may be revealed at the proper time.
      7For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one
      who now holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of
      the way. 8And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord
      Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the
      splendor of his coming. 9The coming of the lawless one will be in
      accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of
      counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, 10and in every sort of evil
      that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they
      refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11For this reason God
      sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie
      12and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth
      but have delighted in wickedness."

      Satan performs miracles, which means he actually answers some
      prayers!! It's quite easy to understand how they can believe in
      their non-existent God without a moment's doubt. It's absolutely no
      wonder that so many people believe in the "lies" of the enemy. I
      grew up attending an evangelical church yet NEVER heard the actual
      gospel, so I understand living in the shadows of truth. I always
      knew, however, that something was missing. Some people actually
      spend their entire lives serving their false god...oh how I praise
      the Lord that I know the truth, and that I am now a child of God,
      and no longer a direct descendant of Adam and under the control of

      Some days I want to stand on the top of a mountain and just scream
      RELIGION BUT YOU HAVE NO GOD!" I get frustrated, I truly do...I
      don't get frustrated with people necessarily, but I DO get
      frustrated with Satan. He just makes me angry. His deception is
      great, yet so simple at the same time! Much of it boils down to
      common sense. But people who believe in astrology and other
      superstitial nonsense, among other things, are so desperate for
      answers that they would rather trust a woman carrying a crystal ball
      than the God of the Universe. When I studied various religions, I
      wanted to know if those "religions" were true...real...backed up
      with evidentiary proof. I wanted to make SURE I wasn't believing in
      some imitation of the real thing, so I did the research and I drew
      my own conclusions after looking at ALL the evidence and praying
      about it for a long time...but most people who are totally deceived
      fall under the "I'm a sucker, tell me you can lay golden eggs and
      I'll believe you" mentality, and I just don't understand that. That
      is why Satan angers me. He's not creative, yet he deceives so many!

      Off my soapbox now. : )

      Great dialogue! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I'm praying for
      you both!


      --- In exgaydiscussionboard@yahoogroups.com, Thomas Morey
      <moreytom@y...> wrote:
      > Dear ExGDBd members,
      > A Dr. Chand, who is a devout Muslim, began sending messages to
      evangelize her Islamic faith to us Christians in another discussion
      group. This is her E name only. I thought that this topic in our
      discussions posted in this other group would be relevant here. I
      hope it is and many find it beneficial. She uses New Courier font
      and I am using Ariel.
      > Blessings,
      > Tom
      > 1. Sex is a hot topic these days. It is a basic desire in human
      > nature. It is, however, so potent that man has always found it
      > difficult to control it. And because that led to immorality,
      > religions other than Islam have considered sex to be an impediment
      to moral and spiritual progress. That is why celibacy was considered
      desirable for moral and spiritual growth. Monks, nuns, Sadhus,
      Brahmacharis, Buddhist Bhikshus, and even Romans Catholic clergy may
      be quoted as illustrations of the point that, by and large, sex was
      considered as an impurity, as an evil which should best be
      > Now, what does the Bible say about sexual relations? Genesis 1: 27-
      28a; 2:23-25 makes it very clear that heterosexual monogamous sexual
      relations, better know as the marital institution, was created by
      God on the sixth day, and Genesis 1:31 says that, "God saw all that
      He had made, and it was very good." Genesis 2:25 says that, "...the
      man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame."
      Therefore, even though one of the purposes of sexual relations is
      for procreation (Genesis 1:28a), the first purpose mentioned was so
      that God might bless His children with such a gift that brings the
      most profound and pleasurable intimacy. (Genesis 1:28a; 2:23-24) The
      beauty of this one flesh union is described poetically, with such
      vivid and romantic imagery, for 8 chapters in Solomon's Song of
      Songs. Its honor and purity is cited by Hebrews 13:4. And its deep
      spiritual mystery and meaning is found revealed in the relationship
      between the Lord Jesus Christ and His Bride, the Church (Ephesians
      > 5:22-33; Revelation 19:7-9; 21:1-4; 22:17) This has been the
      mindset of mainstream Christianity for 2 millenia, not the ascetics
      from monastic Roman Catholicism, who embraced gnosticism.
      > 2. But if that is a desirable course, mankind would come to an end
      in one generation. And that could not be the intention of the Great
      Creator. Besides, man would lose the affection, comfort and blissful
      home and family life, which arise from a successful marriage. On the
      other hand, uncontrolled sex destroys homes, families and even
      nations. It leads eventually to great unhappiness, human
      degradation, and venereal diseases. What is worse, it leads, again,
      to the prevention of human birth. The tendency among all illicit
      intercourse is to avoid the birth of a child, who would need a
      permanent father and mother, a permanent home, parental love and
      affection to grow into a healthy human being -- sound both in body
      and mind. Illegitimate children or broken homes are responsible for
      the alarming rise, in Western society, of juvenile delinquency, drug
      addiction and hippie-ism.
      > You are absolutely right, Dr. Chand. The extremes of fear of
      sexual intimacy by considering it a curse, and, on the other hand,
      an idolatrous preoccupation with sex are like twin bulldozers that
      can unearth the moral and spiritual foundation and fabric of a
      society. Yes, the latter is now gaining further ground in the West,
      but not due to Christian teaching and living, but, rather, due to
      secularization of society, which is one of the enemies of our Judeo-
      Christian tradition. I'll be glad to discuss this in more detail in
      the latter points you make.
      > 3. So the extremes of celibacy and sexual promiscuity are both
      wrong. The via media prescribed by Islam of sex within marriage is
      the best solution. The misconception that concubinage is permissible
      in Islam is due to a gross misreading of the Holy Qur'an. It is true
      that concubinage was practised in Arabia before the advent of Islam.
      That is why some Muslims may have practised it before it was
      prohibited. The Holy Qur'an ruled: "And marry off those among you
      who are single, and those who are fit among your male slaves and
      female slaves"(24:32). And as female slaves were also used to earn a
      profit for their masters through prostitution, it was prohibited
      thus: "And do not compel your slave girls to prostitution" (24:33).
      > Well, no, not quite, Dr. Chand. Celibacy does not necessarily
      condone an ascetic view of sexuality. One who chooses celibacy may
      recognize its beauty and goodness, as God made it to be, but for the
      sake of the higher good, they may choose to abstain from marital
      relations in order to serve fully in the Church and/or on the
      mission field without hindrance from more worldly matters. (Matthew
      19:11-12; 1 Corinthians 7:1-9, 25-40)
      > As for Islam being a prescribed solution to gnostic beliefs of
      ascetism and libertinism, otherwise known as hedonism or sexual
      promiscuity, this certainly is not one of the greatest weaknesses of
      the Islamic faith, since the faith does uphold the basic tenets of
      the marital institution prescribed by God in Genesis 1 and 2. But
      there are still some significant questions that I have due to
      problems raised from within Islam regarding this subject matter. And
      here they are:
      > Are women equal to men according to Islam?
      > Islam teaches that women are inferior to men. "...and the women
      shall have rights similar to the rights against them, according to
      what is equitable; but men have a degree over them..." Surah 2:228
      > In what areas are women unequal to men in Islam?
      > Islam teaches that women are less than equal to men in at least
      two major areas:
      > Inheritance: A woman's share is half that of a man. "To the male a
      portion equal to that of two females..." Surah 4:11
      > Court witness: The witness of two women equals the witness of one
      man. "And get two witnesses out of your own men, and if there are
      not two men, then a man and two women such as ye choose, for
      witness..." Surah 2:282
      > What is the status of a wife in relation to her husband?
      > Islam considers the wife a possession. "...fair in the eyes of men
      is the love of things they covet: Womenm and sons; heaped-up hoards
      of gold and silver; horses..." Surah 3:14
      > What is the extent of a husband's authority over his wife in Islam?
      > Islam teaches that a wife is subject to punishment by her husband.
      As a punishment, beating the wife or abstaining from sexual
      relations with her is allowed. "...As to those women on whose part
      ye fear disloyalty and ill-conduct, admonish them, refuse to share
      their beds, beat them..." Surah 4:34 "For those who take an oath for
      abstention from their wives, a waiting of four months is ordained;
      if they return, God is oft-forgiving, most merciful." Surah 2:226
      > What rules apply only to women regarding their appearance in
      > Islam instructs women to veil themselves always when they are
      outside their homes. And, even inside their homes, in certain
      situations. What are the instructions for men, if any? "And say to
      the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard
      their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and
      ornaments except what appear thereof; that they shoulds draw their
      veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty..." Surah
      24:31 "O prophet! Tell thy wives and daughters, and the believing
      women, that they should cast their outer garments ovber their
      persons (when abroad)..." Surah 33:59
      > How many wives may a Muslim man marry?
      > Islam allows polygamy. A man may marry up to four wives at one
      time. "...marry women of your choice; two, three, or four..." Surah
      4:3 Although the Old Testament is replete with examples of
      polygamous marriages (i.e., all the wives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob,
      David, and Solomon), it is never prescribed by the Bible (Genesis
      2:24; Matthew 19:4-6), as it is by the Quran.
      > Extra priviledges were given to Mohammed, "The Prophet of Islam."
      He was allowed unlimited wives. Mohammed had 13 wives in addition to
      several concubines. Ayesha was only nine years old at the time he
      married her. Mohammed was fifty-three years old. Another wife,
      Zaynab Bint Jahsh, was his daughter-in-law. When Zaid, Mohammed's
      adopted son, saw that Mohammed desired his wife, he divorced her so
      that Mohammed could marry her.
      > What is the sexual role of the wife in marriage according to Islam?
      > Islam considers the wife a sex object. "Your wives are as a tilth
      (a field to be ploughed) unto you, so approach your tilth when or
      how ye will." Surah 2:223
      > Is divorce allowed in Islam?
      > A man can divorce his wife by oral promnouncement. The wife has no
      such right in the Quran. "It may be, if he divorced you that Allah
      will give him in exchange consortsd better than you..." Surah 66:5
      > May a man reunite with his wife after divorcing her?
      > When a husband has pronounced divorce 3 times on his wife, he may
      not lawfully remarry her until she has married (and had sexual
      intercourse) and been divorced by another man called "Al Mohalil"
      (the legalizer). "A divorce is only permissible twice; after that,
      the parties should either hold together on equitable terms, or
      separate with kindness..." Surah 2:229 "...So if a husband divorces
      his wife, he can not afterr that, remarry her until after she has
      married another husband, and he has divorced her, in that case there
      is no blame on either of them if they reunite..." Surah 2:230
      > 9. If sex within marriage, as prescribed by Islam, is the best
      > course, it might well be asked that other religions had prescribed
      it too; then why has sexual immorality become so rampant
      particularly in the West? The answer is that the mere prescription
      of marriage was not enough. Human nature being what it is, extra-
      marital sexual relations were bound to arise. Other religions, in
      prohibiting adultery, prescribed even death as punishment. Islam
      also prohibits adultery but made the punishment more rational by
      prescribing a hundred stripes in public, as punishment and public
      humiliation. In the case of "those whom your right hands possess "
      the punishment was half that for free men and women as already
      stated in para 5 above. It may be mentioned here that in the time of
      the Holy Prophet, and even for some time after him, there was no
      whip, and flogging was carried out by beating with a stick or with
      the hand or with shoes. The culprit was not stripped naked but he
      was required to take off thick clothes. It is further related that
      it is preferable
      > to give tolerable strokes on different parts of the body so that
      no harm should result to any one part, but the face and the private
      parts must be avoided. (Ruh-al-Maani, Ch. 18, P 77).
      > 10. In spite of the much severer punishment of death prescribed by
      the Bible for adultery, why has this evil existed so widely among
      Christians whose civilisation now dominates the world? The
      preponderance of women over men, after the two recent World Wars,
      has made the vice almost uncontrollable. But it existed even before
      on a much wider scale in the West than in the East. Why?
      > 11. The answer lies in the fact that apart from prescribing the
      > punishment of death for adultery, the Bible provided no other
      > remedies. That even capital punishment failed to stop fornication
      in the western society is due to other reasons, which may be
      detailed below.
      > 12. There was no restriction among Christians on women as to how
      they should go about. The result is that they mixed freely with men.
      There being no restriction about dress, the women soon began to show
      off their bodies, as it is part of the feminine nature to attract
      the male. Partial nudity, particularly on sea-beaches, in theatres,
      cinemas and evening functions, and even on streets during summer has
      now resulted in full nudity in films, on the stage and elsewhere. On
      the other hand, there is no restriction on men either as to how they
      should conduct themselves with women. But the biggest evil is the
      unrestricted mixing of the two sexes. A man and a woman, if they are
      thrown together, soon begin to get attracted sexually, however plain
      or even unattractive the other person may be. Dancing together again
      excites sexual passion.
      > 13. What has Islam provided to meet these evils? Let us list
      them:a. Muslims are required not to enter houses other than their
      own, without seeking permission (24:27,28).
      > b. The Holy Prophet prohibited a man or a woman (who are not
      within the prohibited degree of marriage such as brother and sister)
      to be under a roof unless a third person within the prohibited
      degree is present (Bukhari 67:112).
      > c. The Holy Qur'an requires that if a man has to ask of a woman
      any goods when she is alone in the house, it may be done from behind
      a curtain (33:53).
      > d. A woman is required to stay within her house (33:33) unless she
      has to go out to the mosque or to go out for her needs such as
      shopping, exercise, etc. (Bukhari 4:13 and 67:116).
      > e. When a woman goes out of her house, she is prohibited from
      making a display of her finery (33:33,59) such as clothes and
      jewellery. So, she is required to cover her body with the exception
      of her face and hands (24:30,31; Abu Dawood 31:30). The cover may be
      a plain coat or a plain Chaddar (sheet). The head covering of a
      woman was particularly required to cover also her bosom (24:31).
      This was in anticipation of the present day low necklines of dress
      or false brassieres to make the breasts prominent.
      > f. As for women who are past childbearing, there is no harm if
      they put off the over-garment "without displaying their adornment"
      (24:60). And "if they are also modest it is better for them" (24:60).
      > g. When walking before men, a woman is prohibited from swinging
      her hips or putting her feet down strongly so as to make her
      ornaments of the feet jingle (24:31).
      > h. When talking to a man, the woman is required not to use "soft
      speech" which may attract a man "in whose heart is a disease"
      > i. Most important of all, both men and women are required to lower
      their gaze when passing, or dealing with each other (24:30,31)
      > j. Within the home, the servants are required to ask permission to
      enter the bedroom (i) before the morning prayer, (ii) "When you put
      off your clothes for the heat of the noon," i.e., during afternoon
      rest, and (iii) after the last prayer at night (24:58).
      > 14. For the situation created by the preponderance of the number
      of women over that of men, Islam has permitted polygamy. In such an
      imbalance, heightened in the West by the two World Wars, even some
      of the Western thinkers are now advocating polygamy as the only
      remedy, e.g., "A case for Polygamy" by Judge Lindsay - a British
      jurist. Or, as an American article put it "half a husband is better
      than no husband" if the chastity of women is to be given a fair
      chance to survive, if the institution of marriage is to be saved,
      and if illegitimate children are to be eliminated.
      > 16. It will thus be seen that Islam prohibits:
      > a. The unnecessary mixing of sexes.
      > b. Nudity and the display of personal charms.
      > c. All avoidable opportunities for men and women to go wrong.
      > d. Sex outside marriage.
      > 17. Societies which have not observed the above restrictions,
      > particularly in the West, are now immersed in the worst possible
      laxity of sexual morality, rapidly spreading venereal diseases
      [Note: AIDS may be quoted here!], ("The Readers' Digest" of October
      1972 estimates two and a half million of new cases every year in
      U.S.A. alone) and sexual perversion. The institution of marriage is
      threatened with extinction. Even when marriages take place, they
      soon come to grief. Homes are broken, even if divorce (now so
      common) does not take place, and the children are ruined. Juvenile
      delinquency, drug addiction, hippie-ism, and insubordination are now
      common. The resulting unhappiness to parents as well as to their
      children is leading to an alarming rise in mental disorders. To the
      extent that we are following Western culture, we are also going down
      the hill. Tropical temperaments, being not as phlegmatic as the
      Western ones of cooler clime, we are likely to sink faster, unless,
      of course, we adopt the Islamic code of life.
      > Dr. Chand, this discussion is probably the most relevant of all in
      what I consider now to be a debate, although you may consider the
      nature of my correspondence in a different light. I'm so glad that
      you are bringing up this critical issue. Depending on how a culture
      proceeds to establish civil laws and liberties in addressing the
      marital institution and sexuality, let alone other critical issues,
      such as the form and nature of government in relation to the society
      and church, law reinforcement, crime, economics, education, health,
      and recreation, this will determine whether one of the two pillars
      of society, the state, will provide, or not provide, a healthy
      cohesive societal structure. The second pillar is the church, which
      provides, or not provides, society's theological and philosophical
      foundations, purpose, and spirit. In other words, the state should
      be the body of society, with its proper operations, but the church
      the mind and heart of a society.
      > If, as you were saying, the reason why Western society has become
      so lax and immoral regarding sexuality and upholding the marital
      institution because there are no Biblical precepts and stipulations
      beyond consequences for adultery, then why did Christianity have
      such a major impact through the deterioration of the Roman Empire in
      transforming this immoral and corrupt empire, as well as the
      barbaric societies of the Scythians, Cretans, Goths, Visigoths,
      Vandals, Gauls, Franks, and all other societies on the European
      continent from 100 AD until approximately the beginning of the 20th
      century, turning the worst of the worst into godly, submissive and
      peaceful cultural groups, and then later the continents of the
      Americas and Australia?
      > There are four major factors why the West is experiencing a
      spiritual implosion and disinegration, in contrast to central and
      south Africa, the Far East (especially China), and much of Latin
      America which are undergoing cultural transformation by the power of
      the Holy Spirit, admist their respective historically inherited
      problems, much like what happened to the great Roman Empire of
      antiquity. These factors are: 1) the separation of human reason and
      faith in God, 2) an ineffective relationship between the Church and
      the state, 3) the excesses of individualism, and 4) Western Church's
      ineptitude so far to protect its great institutions of marriage,
      family, and even Herself, from the otherwise blessings of prosperity
      and a high technological society.
      > The seeds that were planted creating the beginnings of this
      disintegration of Western society actually come from within the
      Church Herself, way back during the beginning of the Renaissance
      period of European history, the great apologist Thomas Aquinas was
      responsible for separating reason from faith, the natural from the
      supernatural, and therefore, in inchoate form, the separation of
      life into the secular and the religious. Although the Renaissance
      placed a human face on the medieval Church and society, this
      Tomistic separation was a definite onset of the disease of secular
      humanism. During and after the Great Reformation, this Tomistic
      view, was unpopularized by much of the Western European nations,
      through these Biblical and reformed Christian ideas, especially
      through the teachings of Calvin, Zwingli, Luther, and Knox. Civil
      law, the pursuit of the sciences, and the economy were all greatly
      influenced by the Christian religion, where the Tomistic dichotomy
      of faith and reason was
      > not practiced, such as with the great scientist and philsopher,
      John Newton. However, many of these societies turned into legalistic
      totalitarian church-states, that lost their heart and relevance
      during the industrial revolutionary era, persecuting those religious
      sects which were addressing the needs of the poor and the commoner,
      such as in Wesleyanism and Puritanism.
      > It was with this spirit and love for human integrity, the truth
      and morality that motivated most of the founding fathers of the
      United States of America in the 18th century. In their focus to make
      sure that no church denomination had preeminence in state matters,
      such as with the persecutory Anglican church in the United Kingdom,
      and that the state did not intrude on the freedoms of religion, the
      American doctrine of the separation of the church and state was
      born. May I add that all during these times in Western Europe and
      North American history that civil laws existed which were either
      Church controlled ordinances, such as in Anglicanism, similar to
      what you have described in section 13 regarding Islamic law, but not
      quite as severe, in dealing with sexual roles and mores, or were
      established, interpreted, and enforced by "churched" state officials
      that were greatly influenced by the many church denominations, whom
      they represented, such as the American colonies of the 18th
      > century.
      > As a whole, the Church in continental Europe did not recover from
      its irrelevancy and legalism after adopting the church-state model
      of governing. During the industrial revolution age, the Church took
      on the Tomistic view of faith and reason, which just led to secular
      humanism and science becoming the "religions" of most continental
      Europeans, with the overwhelming majority not attending church even
      today. However, the United Kingdom was spared, due to the eventual
      accomodations to these religious sects, that led to a period called
      the Great Awakening of the British culture. In America, the doctrine
      of the separation of church and state, although no where found in
      the Declaration of Independence or the US Constitution, was
      understood to mean that the church would be protected from the
      intrusions from the state, including paying taxes, and that the
      Church would take on a preserving affect on society, like salt, by
      influencing indirectly through "churched" state officials, and
      > representing their "churched" constituents. American society went
      through two church revivals and cultural renewals in its short
      history partly because of this relationship bewtwen Church and
      state. The doctrine of the separation of church and state was never
      meant to protect the state from religious and church influence,
      since the Church was understood to have a positive and godly
      preservation affect on the state and society.
      > Unfortunately, during the late 40's, the judicial branch of
      American government saw otherwise, due to these continental European
      Tomistic affects on mainstream American churches and the extremes of
      American individualism, fueled by a high technological society,
      which was losing its value in, and need for, extended family
      members, neighborhood, church and society. The Tomistic philosophy
      of the secular/religious dichotomy of life through the separation of
      faith and reason then became the lifeblood of civil law in the
      American society. Unfortunately, because of strong
      pietistic/Baptistic/separatist views that became the mindset with
      most evangelical Christians during this time, from the 40's through
      the 70's, little was done to stop this trend. This led to the
      eventual insanity that we have today with abortion on demand, and
      the breakdown of the great institutions of marriage, family and the
      Church, through legalization of all forms of sexual immorality.
      > It is through Christian activism, as well as the continual
      preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ to change the hearts of
      individuals, that will bring renewal to the American society, by
      restrengthening its two pillars, the state and the Church. This is
      done through a renewal of mind and heart of the Church by the Holy
      Spirit, and the reconstruction of appropriate civil laws and proper
      societal structure by the state. The West does not need a new code
      of life, whether through Islam, Christianity or another religion.
      That would be just fixing hanging pictures on a sinking ship! It
      needs transformation, from the inside out, from the Holy Spirit. In
      fact, so does the Islamic states, because sexual immorality is
      rampant among the people of the Middle East as well, it is just very
      covert, although the marital, family and mosque institutions are
      intact. This is just a form of godliness, but a very unfortunate
      denial of the real power to transform and save people from their
      sexual sins of
      > immorality. In fact, Jesus's words in Matthew 15:10-20 makes it
      quite clear that the Law is not effective in itself to stop sexual
      immorality. Colossians 2:23 confirms this, saying that these laws
      and regulations, "...lack any value in restraining sensual
      indulgence." In fact, Romans 5:20 makes it clear that the Law in
      itself, will actually stir up the wicked heart of men, and unduely
      influence them to sin all the more! Then, there's all the other
      problems that the Islamic states have, such as in Saudi Arabia,
      Iran, Sudan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, that the West doesn't have,
      or isn't known for, such as human rights violations, oppression,
      persecution, terrorism, and economic bankruptcy.
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