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678Re: [ExGDBd] Digest Number 22

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  • Marvin Greene
    Apr 1, 2002
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      I read your story over and over again and I am proud
      that you have found your way to GOd's true water which
      never leaves you empty or thirsty. You mentioned: "I
      even founded and maintained a "Gay Christian" web
      community with several hundred members. But I moved
      on and left the "lifestyle" behind. My hand is
      extended to them should any of them ever choose to
      learn of my journey, and amazingly, there is one that
      has chosen to learn and follow my journey." My
      question is, why not leave the website up and your
      story of change, transformation and God's work? That
      way, many men who are lost will know that a better
      life with God in control is possible. IN my life, I
      realize that i have e-mails of hundreds of gay friends
      and I e-mail them the truth that they are in real need
      of. Whether they change is not the objective, the
      objective is for them to be exposed to TRUTH and that
      God can give them fulfillment and a life filled with

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