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  • Christa Tickle
    Oct 3, 2003
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      Thank you for your encouragement, Jill. It has taken me a very, very long (and painful) time to understand what much of the Bible means, particularly how Jesus' death and resurrection applies to my life; thankfully, through lots of mentoring, the Lord has opened my mind to much truth and I am glad He has allowed me the privilege of sharing some of the things He has revealed to me over the years. If you want to learn more about reprogramming your mind to the truth of your identity in Christ, I strongly suggest Anabel Gillham's book "The Confident Woman." It is a masterpiece straight from God and it has proven to be a critical resource in the "reprogramming" of my own mind. Prepare to read it over and over again...it is so full of Godly wisdom and insight you will want to re-read it as soon as you finish the final chapter! Hope you have a great weekend!

      Love in Him,


      Jill <jdo52@...> wrote:
      Hi Christa,

      these are words of Life...i know you didn't write this to me, but


      --- In exgaydiscussionboard@yahoogroups.com, Christa Tickle
      <ctickle777@y...> wrote:
      > Hi theslink. I wanted to let you know that I applaud you for
      voicing this issue with the group. Although it is hard for some of
      us to understand, it is my belief that sin is sin is sin. It is all
      sin. Homosexuality, fornication, pedophilia...all sin. We can use
      other terms to describe it...addiction, obsession, lifestyle,
      preference, but in God's truth, it is sin. Bringing this out into
      the open with your Christian friends is the first step to freedom
      from this bondage to sin. What you are under is very much a bondage.
      The dictionary defines bondage as: the state of one who is bound as
      a slave or servant;a state of subjection to a force, power, or
      influence. This is what you are under right now...the influence of
      Satan and the bondage of the sin that originally started with your
      negative experiences in childhood. I am leading up to something, so
      bear with me, I think this will be fairly long.
      > I first want to make sure you have accepted Jesus Christ as your
      personal Lord and Savior...you have asked the Lord to forgive you
      and cleanse you of all unrighteousness. You have accepted Christ's
      death on the cross as payment for your sin...you were a sinner, born
      in Adam (in Adam's lineage) and destined to die in Adam. In other
      words, you, like everyone else, was born on your way to hell to live
      eternally apart from God. The only way we are able to live eternally
      in the presence of a holy, perfect, and righteous God is to accept
      the only person who can bridge that sin gap on our behalf...Jesus!
      We cannot work our way into heaven. Our BEHAVIOR does not determine
      our eternal destiny...all of us were on our way to hell according to
      Scripture (the Bible). God sent a gift in the form of His son...that
      whosoever believes in Him (Christ Jesus) will have everlasting
      life!!! Now, if you believe Jesus died for your sins...and you have
      asked for forgiveness for your sins, two things have
      > occurred in your life. 1. You have been forgiven and your name
      has been written in the Lamb's book of Life! 2. Your Spirit that was
      once dead (in Adam) has now been brought to life! Two things have
      happened! The Spirit of God Himself embodies a person who has
      accepted Jesus Christ! (1 Corin. 6:19; 3:16) There are only two
      types of people in the world...those who are "in Adam" and those who
      are "in Christ." It is the sinner versus the saint. Just as our
      physical characteristics were determined at birth by our biological
      parents, our spiritual characteristics were determined at birth by
      our spiritual father "the prince of the power of the air" Satan
      (Ephesians 2:1-2). You did not become a sinner...you were BORN a
      sinner because you were born in Adam (Romans 5:11-19). Your birth
      determines identity! You were born hostile and alienated from God
      (Colossians 1:21), a child of wrath (Eph. 2:1,5), condemned (Romans
      6:23), spiritually dead (Eph. 2:1,5), an enemy of God (Romans 5:8-
      10), and a
      > slave of sin (Romans 6:17).
      > When you invited Jesus into your life, you were reborn! A NEW
      BIRTH!!! (1 Peter 1:23). You were transferred out of Satan's kingdom
      (Adam's lineage) and into God's kingdom (Jesus' lineage). Read
      Colossians 1:13 You went from being a caterpillar to a
      butterfly...and butterflies should no longer crawl around with the
      worms! But that is what most of us do...although we have been
      transformed into beautiful butterflies, we often still behave like
      worms, hang out with worms, and continue to live the life of a worm!
      You now have all of Christ's spiritual characteristics because you
      are now "in Christ." (1 Corinthians 12:27; 1 Cor. 6:17; 1 Corin.
      12:27) You are a member of Christ's body...you are united with the
      Lord (one spirit). You are God's child (John 1:12). You are complete
      in Christ. (Colossians 2:10). You are born of God, the evil one
      cannot touch you. (1 John 5:18)
      > You WERE a sinner. Now, you are a SAINT! Do you still sin? Yes,
      because your body (flesh) and your Spirit are at war! You are no
      longer a sinner...you are a saint who sins! There is a HUGE
      difference here. Romans 7:21-23 states: "I find then the principle
      that evil is present in me, the one who wishes to do good. For I
      joyfully concur with the law of God in the inner man, but I [the new
      creation in Christ] see a different law in the members of my body,
      waging war against the law of my mind, and making me a prisoner of
      the law of sin which is in my members." There is a conflict with
      the new creation in Christ...and the power that dwells in us. We are
      not evil...the evil is the law of sin. Paul calls this war...and it
      is definitely war. We are righteous, holy, and blameless before God
      in Christ Jesus...but we don't always act, think, or feel that way.
      This is why we have to reprogram our minds to truth. Where do the
      thoughts come from? Satan! You are not waging war against
      > yourself...these thoughts are coming from Satan. At the same
      time, you are allowing them to invade your mind...they in turn, will
      invade your body. Once we receive the thoughts and they are ours,
      the sinning is a product of those thoughts. Satan knows our old ways
      as he was instrumental in their programming! We can't stop him from
      giving us thoughts but we do not have to receive those thoughts
      because those thoughts are LIES! The traumatic experiences of your
      childhood have been seared into your mind, your memory banks, and
      they became part of your flesh: meeting your own needs with your own
      resources. These thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that influence
      your everyday existence are a direct result of your experiences.
      Satan, THE DECEIVER, will give you thoughts that keep all of your
      flesh in an uproar. You still consider yourself a homosexual,
      pedofile, sinner, etc. You may even consider yourself unworthy of
      being loved by someone heterosexual. You can overcome your past and
      > patterns but it will not happen overnight. You must reprogram
      your mind...your personal computer...to absolute TRUTH. How do you
      do this? You have to believe God will take over this battle for you
      and through you. You just have to allow Him to fight the battle. You
      have to first choose by your own free will to allow Christ to fight
      this battle for you. You have to give this to him every time you
      embark upon a struggle, a thought, a desire, a sensation, a emotion,
      a hurt, a feeling, an urge! You must set your mind to truth...God
      lives in you. God's strength can enable you to make the choice to
      flee the thoughts Satan presents to you on a daily basis. Satan's
      goal is to deceive and destroy each of us. Every time Satan offers
      you a choice...even if it is in singular, first-person format [I
      want this, I want that, this urge is too hard for "me" to bear]
      remember that Satan is knocking on the threshold of your mind and
      thoughts. Block him out. Rebuke him out! When Satan offers us a
      > choice, a thought, a temptation...God opens a door of escape. You
      don't do this in your own strength. YOU CAN'T DEFEAT THIS apart from
      Jesus Christ. Christ is your strength. Christ will do it FOR YOU.
      How? You pray...when the thoughts come...ask Jesus to do it for
      you...that you can't do it. You can't resist on your own. You pursue
      the right course of action: You stop, you refuse, you turn, and you
      head the other direction, all the while believing by faith that it
      is His life through you, that He is your source, and that you are
      drawing from the power that now lives inside you!!! I used to love
      alcohol in college...I still have an occasional desire to partake
      and every time the thought enters my mind, God provides a means of
      escape. I decide "I need a drink." Satan introduces the thought...I
      then get up to go to the kitchen. (Chance one...refuse to go to the
      kitchen to look for a drink) I open the refrigerator (deliverance
      opportunity #2 as I could resist opening the refrigerator in
      > my search) I don't see any beer in the fridge so I then decide I
      could make a quick run to the grocery store (escape three) I go get
      the keys (escape 4) I get in my car (escape 5) I get to the grocery
      store (escape 6) I bring the beer up to the counter to purchase it
      (escape 7...I could leave the store at this point before indulging
      in a drink, empty-handed, and return home with Coca-Cola instead).
      Corinthians 10:13 It is a battle starting in our minds...what we do
      with those initial thoughts truly has an outcome on whether or not
      we choose to follow through or deny the act of sin. Oftentimes, I
      will argue with myself...I could do this, but I know that is wrong.
      It is a constant battle. Until we leave our earthly bodies behind,
      we will experience this battle.
      > You have a NEW identity. Your identity is now in Christ. You are
      now an heir to the throne of Jesus and accepted by God, not because
      of your actions, thoughts, or sin...but because of Jesus! The only
      sin that will ever send a man to hell is his disbelief. The gift of
      salvation (Jesus) is there...it is just there for those who choose
      to accept it. You are already reconciled with God. Your behavior
      does not make you who you are. Your BEHAVIOR does not change your
      identity!!! (Romans 5:6, 8, 10) The old you is gone now...and Christ
      has replaced the old you with His very Spirit.
      > Behavior does not change until a person's identity changes. In
      other words, our belief about ourselves determines our behavior.
      Satan wants us to believe his lie that our behavior tells us what to
      believe about ourselves. WRONG. Your identity does not come from
      what you have done...in the past. Nor does it come from what you did
      today or do tomorrow. It comes from what God has done for us.
      > Your personal computer (brain) has been programmed over the years
      of emotional and mental abuse and rejection through no fault of your
      own. For whatever reasons, your parents also had some pattern of
      thinking and belief system that unfortunately led to their own
      mistakes. What I think the world has us do to "solve" our problems
      is receive counseling. We're told to talk about our problems without
      considering the simple fact that our underlying need is to be
      reconciled with God. We then need to reprogram our flesh
      patterns...reprogram our way of thinking to TRUTH! You have been led
      to believe that you are unworthy, unlovable, undesirable,
      inadequate, inferior, worthless, etc. These are some of the
      patterns have formed and have been embedded in your brain
      throughout your life, courtesy of Satan and his craftiness. Remember
      that your parents were victims of this process too...those who
      abused you, those you partnered with over the years, those who were
      living with the same underlying
      > need for acceptance, love, forgiveness, understanding,
      significance, security...were all experiencing the flesh. Each of us
      has a flesh pattern...a way of thinking, doing, believing, and
      > What you must do to achieve freedom from this bondage is to
      reprogram your mind to the TRUTH of your identity in Christ. You are
      a SAINT! You are completely accepted by Christ and God. Your
      identity does not come from what other people say or think about
      you, nor does it come from what they do to you. Your identity comes
      from what God says and thinks and BELIEVES about you. God sees you
      as a SAINT. You are His precious child, whom He loves beyond
      measure. Nothing you do will ever change God's love for you. He
      wants for you to realize your identity in Him so He can free you
      from this bondage. Your behavior will not change until your thoughts
      and flesh patterns are realized and changed. This is what the Bible
      means when it refers to renewing the mind to truth. (Romans
      12:2) "Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but
      be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able
      to test and approve what God's will is�his good, pleasing and
      perfect will."
      > Your emotions are not always true...but they are real. What you
      are feeling, experiencing, desiring...is all a product of your way
      of thinking and your flesh pattern. I recommend you read "Lifetime
      Guarantee" by Bill Gillham. Also check out "Classic Christianity" by
      Bob George. These two resources may not touch on these thoughts in
      your mind but they will help you to reprogram your mind to truth. I
      will be praying for you. Remember that although it is hard for you
      to share your struggles here in the forum and elsewhere...Satan will
      not have a stronghold over you as confession is a first step to
      freedom. I'm not suggesting you blast your congregation with your
      experiences...but finding those who love you and know you are
      special, worthy, and a terrific child of God will be able to pick
      you up and pray with you when your struggles are at their peak. You
      may go through many ups and downs but eventually, I believe God will
      help you find total freedom from these desires. I will type up a
      > list of verses I want you to read each day. (I did this for
      several months before my self-esteem and belief changed...it was a
      necessary thing for me and although I didn't struggle with
      homosexual desires, I too had an emotionally abusive childhood) I'll
      try to get the verses out by this weekend. Read them aloud, looking
      at yourself in the mirror...as much as possible. It will be tough
      and you'll feel awkward...but after time, your mind WILL be renewed
      to TRUTH. And one day, you will wake up and your desires will seem
      so foreign to you because you will believe you are who God says you
      are! This is how my behavior changed. This is how my detrimental
      thoughts and internal depression was driven away. Now, when someone
      offends me, hurts my feelings, or I feel the need to act contrary to
      my identity, I read my Bible verses! "[You] are free from any charge
      against [you]. Romans 8:31-34
      > We will be praying for you.
      > Love and prayers,
      > Christa
      > theslink@J... wrote:
      > I have a very serious problem. While I am a sex addict and have
      had homosexual encounters with men I am really attracted to teen age
      boys. While I have never offended with under age kids I have had
      problems with child pornography in the past. Thankfully the Lord has
      kept me from all forms of pornography for about a year. This is a
      big turn around since I used to spend hours every day looking at
      porn. I feel so alone because all of the books I have found about
      recovering for homosexuality deal strictly with adult attractions
      and none of the members of my group are pedophiles. Can anyone
      recommend a title about pedophilia?
      > Also I have read one book about homosexual recovery. It said that
      the key to recovery was to build relationships. Is recovery really
      as easy as making friends? There has to be something more to this. I
      was seriously abused as a child physically and emotionally (but not
      sexually) by my father and grandmother. While I have forgiven them I
      still think my problems are rooted in my childhood and my rejection
      by my peers. I am in secular therapy but they seem to focus more on
      changing my behavior than addressing underlying emotional problems.
      Thats not to say I haven't made good progress. My sex drive is more
      under control and I haven't had any same sex contact in a year and I
      have gotten out of porn. But I am still hurting, lonely, and have
      problems with lust and masturbation anywhere from once to twice a
      week to once every two weeks. I really want to heal and be normal.
      Can anybody offer any words of advice??
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