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5436Re: Tim, please stop and think!

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  • philtft
    Oct 2, 2003
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      You are absolutely right.

      We of all people should be well aware that ALL HAVE SINNED and fallen
      short. All of us have the same death sentance on us and the blood of
      Jesus avails for ALL sin.

      We need to be ever conscious of the sentance that Christ released US
      from, and not look down on other brothers who struggle.


      --- In exgaydiscussionboard@yahoogroups.com, Inge Anderson
      <inge@g...> wrote:
      > Tim,
      > I am personally offended by the language you used in your post in
      > to a brother in Christ who was courageous enough to share his
      > struggle. Your attitude does NOT demonstrate the spirit of Christ.
      > was no basis for your post on "child molesters" except this man's
      > The Lord Jesus had strong words to say about one who would call his
      > a "fool," and you used the word "vermin"!!
      > Please come to your senses & actually *read* what's on this forum
      > of sending in wild, emotional posts! (Your reaction is *exactly*
      the same
      > as many straight people who react to the very thought
      of "homosexuality"
      > with so much emotion that they don't even hear that the person is
      living a
      > godly life and does NOT engage in same-gender sex! To them *you*
      are the
      > "vermin"!)
      > There IS NO CHILD MOLESTER ON THIS FORUM! The subject matter in
      your mind
      > is of your own making, Please don't blame anyone else for it.
      > A brother in Christ shared his attraction to under-age boys --
      > that is rather common among gay men, I might add. He shared that he
      HAS NOT
      > given in to the temptation.
      > Can you say the same regarding your attraction to men? (Maybe
      you're only
      > attracted to men older than yourself?)
      > Unfortunately it is human nature to be repulsed by temptations
      > from our own. But the Bible clearly condemns *all* sex outside of
      > -- and certainly sex among members of the same gender. So we're
      *all* in
      > the same boat here -- all condemned to die with no hope of heaven
      > for the love of Christ who died for EACH OF US -- no matter from
      > directions our temptations come.
      > This is the second so-called support forum on which I've seen
      > oriented men jump with condemnation on someone who shared a
      struggle with
      > attraction to under-age boys. Interesting how those who seek
      > and compassion for themselves have none to offer those who have a
      > different struggle.
      > You seem so certain that someone else's temptation is worse than
      > sin. In the process, you may very well be offending "one of these
      > ones" of whom Christ spoke. Remember that when we come to Christ,
      we are
      > "born again." Someone just born is a *child* of God for whom the
      Lord has
      > the greatest solicitude.
      > You cannot make yourself more holy by condemning someone with a
      > struggle. Holiness is demonstrated by showing a spirit like that of
      > who did NOT condemn a struggling sinner.
      > When we *really* sense the wonderful gift of Christ's salvation, we
      > be so filled with gratitude that He would save a sinner like ME,
      that we
      > will not feel superior to others but reach out to them with love --
      > one beggar taking another beggar by the hand and showing him where
      there is
      > an abundant source of food.
      > Jesus made it clear that He could do nothing for those who felt
      > holier than other sinners -- "not so far gone" --and wrapped their
      robes of
      > 'sanctity' about themselves. He said that the man who cried, "God
      > merciful to me, a sinner!" went to his home justified. And without
      > justification, we have no hope. Our robes of "sanctity" are but
      filthy rags
      > in His eyes.
      > May He be merciful to you and me!
      > In His grace,
      > Inge
      > PS Christ can even forgive those who *have* molested children. He's
      > mass murderers before -- like King Manasseh, for instance. He
      suffers with
      > the victims of abuse, even while He's ready to save the abuser.
      > At 11:41 PM 10/1/2003 -0700, Tim Way wrote:
      > >Hi Mike and Inge,
      > >
      > >I'm not judging anyone. You are judging me and my convictions, and
      > >thoughts that I just cant even bear in my mind. I cant even deal
      > >hearing about child molesters in my area without it making me sick
      to my
      > >stomach. Even the criminal justice system contains inmates who
      take care
      > >of this injustice by purging these demented predators from the
      > >This sin is so disgusting to me I cant but vomit the very
      knowledge of it
      > >from my mind. As far as this man who is struggling with it, I'm
      > >condemning him at all. I just cant allow the subject matter in my
      mind as
      > >I'm SO repulsed by it. Whether you like it or not Mike and Inge.
      That sin
      > >is the very thing that invokes the wrath of God upon all who
      entertain it.
      > >It is like blood guiltiness. Please for the sanctity of the rest
      of us who
      > >are not that far gone, please don't invite that element of
      depravity here
      > >I beg you. May you come to your senses before this ministry is
      > >aside to the vermin.Tim Way
      > Inge Anderson <inge@g...>
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