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5434Re: [ExGDBd] Pedophilia and some other questions

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  • Chancellor Carlyle Roberts, II
    Oct 2, 2003
      I was referring to the attraction when I said, "the person who HAS
      pedophilia." My question was pretty simple, or at least I thought it
      was: Do we do as Tim suggested and do the modern American equivalent
      of stoning the person to death or do we treat him the way Jesus
      treated the woman caught in adultery.

      If you think that it's perfectly acceptable and normal to have either
      same-sex attraction or an attraction to children (or, in the case of
      the person who posted, a pederastic attraction), then I'd like you to
      show me how such attractions are consistent with God's created design
      as found in Genesis. I didn't say anything about the attractions
      being sin and I really wish you folks would actually READ my posts
      instead of reading into them.

      --- In exgaydiscussionboard@yahoogroups.com, Inge Anderson
      <inge@g...> wrote:
      > At 08:21 PM 10/1/2003 +0000, Chancellor Carlyle Roberts, II wrote:
      > >But what do we do for the person who has pedophilia? Do we do the
      > >modern American equivalent of taking him out and stoning him to
      > >or do we treat him the way Jesus treated the woman caught in
      > >and say to him, "Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more"?
      > In this case, however, we are not dealing with a pedophile on this
      > Someone who has a strong *temptation/attraction* in that direction
      has just
      > opened his heart to us.
      > Just as the Bible does not condemn anyone for being *attracted* to
      > own gender (any more than the rest of us sinners are condemned), so
      > we have no right to judge anyone else who has an inappropriate
      > attraction. The bible clearly condemns sexual *activity* outside
      > marriage. By the grace of God we all deal with various
      > attractions. And our new member has shared that, by the grace of
      God, he
      > has *not* given in to his attraction.
      > How many others on this board can say they have not given in to
      > attraction?
      > The more we love Christ -- and that will happen naturally as we
      spend more
      > time with Him -- the less attractive sin will appear to us. And
      the more
      > compassionate we will be with those whose sins differ from ours. A
      > relationship with Him will also fill some of that love hunger that
      > individuals to various forms of false intimacy.
      > Blessings,
      > Inge Anderson
      > Inge Anderson <inge@g...>
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