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5414Re: [ExGDBd] Pedophilia and some other questions

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  • Michael Crumpler
    Oct 1, 2003
      Thanks Inge!
      I totally agree!
      This is not a public trial, but a support group!
      Our Brother has chosen to share his struggle and is seeking help, only to be slammed by Tim! What a shame!
      Child molestation is an awful act! That's why we should do everything in our power to prevent perpertrators from doing it. I pray that through our love and encouragement our brother will be led away from the need and desire to be with teen boys.

      Tim......"let he who thinks he stand take heed lest he fall...."

      Inge Anderson <inge@...> wrote:

      Your sharing your reaction to pedophilia below came at a particularly
      inappropriate juncture.

      A brother in Christ shared his struggles, and you answer with *this*!!

      How would you feel if you shared some of your struggles on this board, and,
      instead of replying to your concerns, I wrote to tell you that I had met a
      homosexual and was *so* repulsed by him!! Furthermore, what if I pointed
      out that the biblical punishment for same-gender sex was stoning and
      lamenting that society no longer did this.

      How would that help *you*?

      That's exactly what you just did to your brother on this list who made
      himself vulnerable by writing about his struggle of being attracted to
      young people. Before posting on a board like this, where vulnerable people
      come for Christian support, it is good to pray the prayer of David in Psalm
      "Set a watch, O LORD, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips." This is
      *not* a place to "let it all hang out" without considering how it will
      affect a fellow struggler.

      Michael's note was "right on"! Thank you, Michael for your contribution.

      Inge Anderson

      At 10:52 AM 10/1/2003 -0700, Tim Way wrote:
      >Hi Guys,
      >One thing that comes to my mind is the admonition from Jesus Christ when
      >he warns about hurting one of these little ones who trust in me. He said
      >that it would be better to die a violent death than that you should hurt
      >one of these little one's. The penalty our society puts on child molesters
      >is a period of confinement plus financial penalties then a period of
      >partial freedom and ridicule with a lack of privacy. Gods law merely
      >required immediate death penalty by societal stoning. I met a child
      >molester some 18 years ago. I was so repulsed by him that I couldn't even
      >peaceably talk to him.Before Gays were portrayed as anything but perverts
      >in our society years ago most straight people were repulsed at the mere
      >thought of homosexual perversion. I hope society never excepts child
      >molesters as an acceptable alternative lifestyle. Tim Way

      Inge Anderson <inge@...>
      Sponsor of <http://www.glow.cc> an internet site for
      Christians with same-gender attractions and their friends.
      A bruised reed shall he not break....
      Isaiah 42:3

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