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5412Re: [ExGDBd] Pedophilia and some other questions

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  • Inge Anderson
    Oct 1, 2003

      Your sharing your reaction to pedophilia below came at a particularly
      inappropriate juncture.

      A brother in Christ shared his struggles, and you answer with *this*!!

      How would you feel if you shared some of your struggles on this board, and,
      instead of replying to your concerns, I wrote to tell you that I had met a
      homosexual and was *so* repulsed by him!! Furthermore, what if I pointed
      out that the biblical punishment for same-gender sex was stoning and
      lamenting that society no longer did this.

      How would that help *you*?

      That's exactly what you just did to your brother on this list who made
      himself vulnerable by writing about his struggle of being attracted to
      young people. Before posting on a board like this, where vulnerable people
      come for Christian support, it is good to pray the prayer of David in Psalm
      "Set a watch, O LORD, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips." This is
      *not* a place to "let it all hang out" without considering how it will
      affect a fellow struggler.

      Michael's note was "right on"! Thank you, Michael for your contribution.

      Inge Anderson

      At 10:52 AM 10/1/2003 -0700, Tim Way wrote:
      >Hi Guys,
      >One thing that comes to my mind is the admonition from Jesus Christ when
      >he warns about hurting one of these little ones who trust in me. He said
      >that it would be better to die a violent death than that you should hurt
      >one of these little one's. The penalty our society puts on child molesters
      >is a period of confinement plus financial penalties then a period of
      >partial freedom and ridicule with a lack of privacy. Gods law merely
      >required immediate death penalty by societal stoning. I met a child
      >molester some 18 years ago. I was so repulsed by him that I couldn't even
      >peaceably talk to him.Before Gays were portrayed as anything but perverts
      >in our society years ago most straight people were repulsed at the mere
      >thought of homosexual perversion. I hope society never excepts child
      >molesters as an acceptable alternative lifestyle. Tim Way

      Inge Anderson <inge@...>
      Sponsor of <http://www.glow.cc> an internet site for
      Christians with same-gender attractions and their friends.
      A bruised reed shall he not break....
      Isaiah 42:3
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