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5409Re: [ExGDBd] Pedophilia and some other questions

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  • Michael Crumpler
    Oct 1, 2003
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      Hey slink!
      thanks for your honesty and vulnerability! Praise the Lord for the power that he has already given you over the last year. It is frightening to be so vulnerable to failure. Pedophilia is so stigmatized! I hate the way our society is dealing with it, as if it is an unpardonable sin. People need help in order for it to be prevented. For now, honesty and vulnerability is your best antidote. Continue to share your feelings in a safe and caring environment. I don't struggle with pedophilia, but when I was a teen I had numerous encounters with men. You and I can be in dialog about what that was like. I will remember you in prayer. May the Lord grant you power and freedom as you continue to rely upon Him!


      theslink@... wrote:

      I have a very serious problem. While I am a sex addict and have had homosexual encounters with men I am really attracted to teen age boys. While I have never offended with under age kids I have had problems with child pornography in the past. Thankfully the Lord has kept me from all forms of pornography for about a year. This is a big turn around since I used to spend hours every day looking at porn. I feel so alone because all of the books I have found about recovering for homosexuality deal strictly with adult attractions and none of the members of my group are pedophiles. Can anyone recommend a title about pedophilia?

      Also I have read one book about homosexual recovery. It said that the key to recovery was to build relationships. Is recovery really as easy as making friends? There has to be something more to this. I was seriously abused as a child physically and emotionally (but not sexually) by my father and grandmother. While I have forgiven them I still think my problems are rooted in my childhood and my rejection by my peers. I am in secular therapy but they seem to focus more on changing my behavior than addressing underlying emotional problems. Thats not to say I haven't made good progress. My sex drive is more under control and I haven't had any same sex contact in a year and I have gotten out of porn. But I am still hurting, lonely, and have problems with lust and masturbation anywhere from once to twice a week to once every two weeks. I really want to heal and be normal. Can anybody offer any words of advice??

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