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501Re: Will I go to hell--translations

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  • rrigbyjr
    Jan 2, 2002
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      The King james is generally good, and all the
      modern English Versions that I know are in fairly
      consistent agreement on the passages related to sexuality.
      Be aware though, that the King James in general is
      based on some later manuscripts. the revised Standard
      Version (similar to the KJ) and the New English, for
      example) use manuscripts that are older, closer to the
      original autographs, and more reliable). If you're really
      interested in getting the best version, buy versions of the
      OT and NT that have parallel versions of the
      original languages (Hebrew and Aramaic for the OT, Greek
      for the NT), and an apparatus criticus (exposition of
      the decisions made by translators in choosing
      manuscript versions).<br><br>Since we don't have the
      original autographs, and because we have to rely on
      translations, it makes sense for us to be as informed and aware
      as we can be of the factors involved in translation
      and biblical research--no translation has absolute
      authority, so knowing more is better than knowing
      less.<br><br>Robert<br><br>p.s. and no, you won't go to hell
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