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  • mremike
    Dec 3, 2001
      Hello everyobody. <br><br>Boy was I glad to run
      into this discussion board! Thanks, Alan, for
      sponsoring it. <br><br>About me, I've ridden this
      roller-coaster for a while, but I must say I've never hit what
      feels like rock bottom til now. 7 years ago I was
      involved in an ex-gay ministry. Then I was in a 5 year
      relationship that ended a year and a half ago. Since then I've
      really been living it up.<br><br>Well, for a while now
      I've really felt dead inside. I have been suicidal off
      an on recently, though I don't think I'd ever have
      the guts to do anything; I can't settle on a good way
      to end it all. I just know things have to change.
      I've grown so tired of looking for what I need in a
      man (men), and I feel that I've really started to
      dislike and mistrust lots of folks because of my
      experiences.<br><br>I spoke to one of the guys from the group tonite,
      and he was helpful and supportive. I really do need
      some prayer support. I have to get back to my old
      church. Like I told Phil, though, I'm afraid. Afraid to
      let go of this thing that has me in hell. <br><br>I
      look forward to hearing from you folks. I want you to
      know that my dream, my deepest desire, is to be free.
      I hope we all are one day.<br><br>Mike
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