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  • Bridget Night
    May 2, 2003
      Dear Family and Friends,

      My husband and I have been approved by Regina Riggs, director of PFOX (Parents and Friends of ex-gays and gays) to start a PFOX chapter in our area. We have prayed about this and feel very good about it. Bridget felt that she needed to reach
      out to people of all faiths, not just her own religious denomination.

      PFOX has Bridget's book, "Prayers For Johnathan" on their list of recourse material listed on their website www.pfox.org . PFOX is highly recommended by Richard Cohen, who wrote the foreword to her book and is a psychotherapist who is the head of the International Healing Foundation and author of "Coming Out Straight."

      I would like to take a moment to explain the purpose and goals of PFOX and what Cole and I would be doing.

      1.. PFOX believes that homosexuality is a behavior, and not an identity. Scientific evidence is clear that homosexuality is changeable. Ex-gay ministries, reparative therapy, and/or group and individual counseling bring recovery from the spiritual, psychological, and relational effects of homosexuality. Men and women can leave behind homosexual lifestyles and feelings of same sex attraction.
      2. PFOX believes that homosexuals and lesbians should have the right to make
      this choice. Some have experienced all levels of recovery when they have
      become courageous enough to step away from the gay subculture that
      continues to kill some of the most wonderfully gifted young people in America

      3. The purpose of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX) is to support
      the family and friends of those struggling with same sex attraction, to
      educate the public regarding sexual reorientation, and to advocate for the
      ex-gay community. We want our children, friends, and other loved ones to
      know it is possible for them to transition out of homosexuality if they truly
      want to. We will support them in every way possible when they decide to
      recover their true gender identity, but we will love and cherish them even if
      their choice is to stay in a homosexual lifestyle. PFOX shows families and
      friends how to unconditionally love their loved ones without approving the
      same sex behavior, and how to be a positive presence in the life of their
      loved one.

      4. PFOX believes that a program of public awareness, family support, education,
      and public policy advocacy is essential in achieving its purpose. This program
      promotes healing and is productive for the community.

      5. PFOX is a pro-ex-gay organization but is NOT an anti-gay organization. We
      not demonize homosexuals and we do not expect to be demonized. We will
      not tolerate ex-gay bashing or disrespect for the ex-gay community. Society
      will gain when all aspects of homosexuality are out of the closet, when
      ex-gays and their supporters are not ashamed to speak out and give hope to
      others, and when our loved ones know that we love them enough to stand
      up and fight for them. PFOX welcomes all who wish to participate in the
      pursuit of these goals.

      Anyone interested in starting a chapter of PFOX in their area, please go to:


      We will let you know shortly what our local phone number will be, meeting place, and times.

      Sincerely, Cole and Bridget Night

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