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24224Re: ATTN: Group Owner and Moderators

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  • Tom
    Jan 1, 2013
      Dear Moderator,
      I am a member of this group but do not post any message as i used to. Now I have stopped having messages coming into my inbox. Is there a reason why I no longer receive messages? Is there something I was supposed to do that i did not do?

      --- In exgaydiscussionboard@yahoogroups.com, "Frank S" <frschoonover@...> wrote:
      > To The Group Owner and Moderators
      > I would like to repeat a suggestion that I made some time ago. It is concerning the group and I think that it would make the group much better.
      > I again suggest that the message board archives be "Membership Accessible" only. I only suggest this as posts that I sent to this group in the past have turned up in lists of searches when a search was done using my name and I have had people send me forged e-mails using anonymous re-mailers and they were the opposite of what I was seeking from the group.
      > I again suggest that the message board archives in this group be "Membership Accessible" only. Please inform of what you think of my suggestion as I think that it help make the group a better place to be for many of us who struggle with SSA and seek healing. Thanks in advance.
      > I look forward to hearing from you.Sincerely Frank R.Schoonover
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