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24220One More Fork in the Road

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  • Thom Hunter
    Oct 4, 2012
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      Good Guys,

      I'm at another one of those pesky forks in the road. The car is in
      drive and I'm looking in all directions . . . waiting for a sign
      from my GPS: "God Please Say." There are plenty of clues in
      life's rear view mirror, so it is clear to me that reverse is the
      worst of all potential choices, and only a passing thought, a wake-up
      call to the reality that what we see behind us looks just about as
      limitless as what may lie before us. But the road kill is far from
      inviting. Did we really cause all that and see all that and experience
      all that and . . . finally, learn all that?
      I hope you'll visit my blog and read the entire post: One More Fork in
      the Road.
      Thom HunterSigns of a Struggle
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