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24202I Really Need Some Help Right Now.

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  • Frank Schoonover
    Jun 12, 2012
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      Dear Fellow Brothers In Change

      I really could use some help right now as I really have nobody else to turn to at the moment.

      I have been really overwhelmed by temptation lately. I am getting temptations to masturbate, to watch porn and also, to seek out other men to indulge in sinful sexual activity with them. The third one is the one that has been most happening to me. When that third temptation comes, I simply choose to stay home and not feed nor satisfy that temptation. The temptations to masturbate and to watch porn are really difficult ones for me to resist as these are my two main problem areas. I get all of the aforementioned temptations on a daily basis.

      I am using everything that I have within my own power to resist all of these temptations. I don't want to act out on anything having to do with this terrible SSA condition, but these unnatural desires that I have want me to do the opposite. Though I have given into that dreaded masturbation habit three times in the last two weeks, I really don't want to masturbate anymore nor do I want to feel these feelings that I have anymore.

      I am not going to give up, though Satan and his minions want me to give up and surrender. Plus, if I listened to all those so called "Gay" activists, they would simply tell me to accept myself as I am and go out and live my life as such and I will be happier. But I know that I will never be happier indulging in all of that sinful sexual activity that is connected to that so called "Gay" lifestyle as living that life made me miserable, which is why I am in this process as I want to be free and live my life the way that God intended me to live it. With what I know now, how could I ever even think of returning to that destructive and sinful sexual lifestyle known as the so called "Gay" lifestyle. I would only be lying to myself and just doing what Satan would want me to do and what he would feel that I should do. It has been really difficult for me as of late and I really don't want no part of that sinful and destructive lifestyle known as the so called
      "Gay" lifestyle. Plus, if I were to listen to those so called "Gay" activists, they would simply tell me that I am listening to lies and deceit and that "being a 'Gay' man is not a lifestyle choice as it is who you are and what you are and there is nothing that can be done about it as it is impossible to change it as I was born that way". But I know that the latter statement is a lie and that each and every one us, be we male or female, are biologically hard-wired for male-female compatibility and that there are no substitutes for that at all under any circumstances.

      Acting out, no matter what form it is, will only reinforce the Homosexual identity, which is the identity that I am trying to escape and distance myself from. I don't want to act out on these unnatural desires that I have. I don't want to reinforce the Homosexual identity. I want my gender identity to be reinforced. I have already accepted myself as a man and a member of the male sex, which really isn't an easy thing to do. I am a male and that is all that I am human being wise and I am nothing else. I am male and I am human. My body is hard-wired for compatibility with a female and again, there are no substitutes, no if's and's or but's. No questions asked.

      Again, these temptations have been really overwhelming me. Please help me with any advice and/or suggestions as to what has worked for you and how it worked for you. I would appreciate anything from the heart as I am really going up the wall with all of these overwhelming temptations. Thanks in advance for anything offered.

      I look forward to reading what all of you have to say. Take care all.Sincerely Frank R.Schoonover

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