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24165The New Math of Forgiveness

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  • Thom Hunter
    Dec 1, 2011
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      Good Guys,

      Nothing hurts like hurting about hurts that make you hurt others. What a
      compound of pain that leads us to do unto others because something was
      done unto us and we've come all undone over it. So, we hurt and we cry
      and we ask ourselves why. And we hide and we run and we pray and we seek
      and we rise and we walk and we declare ourselves done. And then we see
      . . . we're not. For the carnage lies along the trail we yearn to leave
      behind and it calls out to us, to which we can only, in exhaustion from
      the battle, whisper in all sincerity, "please forgive me."

      And we wait . . .

      I hope you will read the whole post and leave a comment to share your
      thoughts at this link: Signs of a Struggle.

      God Bless


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