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23472It's So Good To Be HOME!

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  • Bridget Night
    Jan 2, 2009
      Happy New Year Everyone, I am finally Home!!

      Strange, how this works..There are times you get 'Cabin' Fever' and just
      want to get away. So, I go visit my daughter and her family in San
      Antonio for Christmas. We have a great, although somewhat, stressful
      time.I see her problems and that of other family members. I watch how they
      live their lives and interact with one another. I see their weaknesses and
      strengths. I admire what they have done with their lives and how they are
      living their lives. But then, I start missing my own things, (my bed,
      routine etc.). I come home and it feels so wonderful (even with a bad
      cold and congestion right now). Suddenly, I find myself appreciating all
      the good things in my life. I love my home, my town, the 4 seasons in my
      area, my doctors, my massage therapists, my bed, my peace and quiet. Your
      own Home can bring stability, and comfort to your life. I love the empty
      nest syndrome; my home is a place to calm my nerves, recover, and heal
      from the storms of life. I am a very young at heart woman, but my body
      tells me to not over stress it anymore. I do not have the stamina and
      vigor I once had. I have to take better care of myself.

      So..I set new goals and make some realistic New Years Resolutions this
      time. Small steps that I can be successful at so I won't feel like I
      failed again. I am tired of being ill so often and overweight. I want to
      feel good and enjoy life. As you get a little older you think about stuff
      like this. About financial security, spiritual strength, and having as
      much fun as possible before you kick off. When you visit your kids in
      their own homes and see how they have made a life for themselves, you
      think about the things you did right and wrong in raising them. But, I
      also see that they are such individuals who are very unique. My daughter,
      looks just like my husband's mother. She acts like her, talks like her,
      dresses like her etc, even though they hardly knew each other. It's kind
      of spooky. But, because my daughter had me as a mom and her religious
      faith, she is different than her grandmother or me. She is more like her
      dad and very self disciplined and a perfectionist. But, she is her own
      person too and has a very charismatic personality. My SSA son looks more
      like my dad did and his personality is more like him. So Genetics plays a
      part. The nature/nurture thing is real.

      I was concerned about how harsh my daughter was with her boys. Having the
      house spotless became more important than their feelings. My grandsons
      are 13 and 16 now. They are hormonal and want to be more independent. I
      wish my daughter would respect them more and really listen and try to
      understand them. They talk to me and feel safe to open up about some of
      the things they are going through as I talk to them respectfully.
      Reflective listening is so important during these years. My oldest son
      has two daughters 5 and 8. I love how he is firm, yet so loving with
      them. I worry about my SSA son because of his brain injuries from birth
      and how naive he can be. He still needs guidance and I helped get him
      started in the process of applying for Adult Social Security Disability
      and low income. As a parent, you want each of your children to be strong
      and independent before you leave this earth. But, at a certain stage,
      they have to learn things on their own ( and often the hard way.) I want
      a life of my own too. I started oil painting again and gave each of my
      children a painting this year for Christmas. They seemed to really
      appreciate and cherish it. I need to work on my own character flaws, and
      weaknesses. Marriage, Pregnancy, Childbirth, raising children, putting my
      husband through Chiropractic College, and Medical school, was very
      difficult for me. But, it forced me to grow in ways that developed my
      character ( and what a quirky Character I am). It makes me think of that
      saying, 'Life is hard, Get Over It." So, life is meant to be a test, an
      exercise, a journey in becoming Christ-like. Life develops and reveals
      character. But, without God, this earth life would feel meaningless and
      be too hard for me. So, I am so grateful right now for all the good in my
      life and trying to enjoy those good things.

      So how was everyone's holidays and how are you all doing?



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