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23340Re: [ExGDBd] 20 Questions for "Ex-Gay" Ministry Leaders: A Response - Part 3a

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  • Thomas Morey
    Oct 2, 2008
      The word in Greek (xenos) does mean "stranger" or "foreigner". The clinical term, xenophobia, would involve anyone (or even an entire society of people), who has an irrational fear (reflected in their inappropriately discriminatory behaviors, such as removing themselves from the public presence of anyone who would trigger such a response, e.g., "whites only" public bathrooms or drinking fountains) of something about others that is constitutional in nature, such as skin color, or anything else that is an heritable characteristic concerning race and/or ethnic background. Contrary to what most Western folks hear from their media and most sociopolitical organizations, scientific research has clearly indicated that SSAs (same sex attractions) is absolutely NOT constitutional (predetermined), but rather, a matter of environmentally influenced choices, and at best predispositionary, similar to alcoholism (but with not as strong a positive correlation).
      Therefore, it is not analogous at all to race.

      See my response to question 2 regarding the monozygote (identical twin) studies from the 90's up to the present. There is NO research, that indicates through replicated studies, any genetic or hormonal causes for SSAs. Those that have been done in order to find a constitutional cause have been ruled out by even self-avowed gay scientists (Hamer, LeVay, Bailey and Pillard)! And clinical research and sociological studies show also, that individuals can and do identify themselves with such groups of people, and behave accordingly, then disidentify later, and no longer behave in that manner, as in the case of the Jones and Yarhouse study (this is just a small percentage compared to those who do without ANY program, or even ANY therapy, but rather quite naturally, as a result of psychosexual development, such as 25% of 12 year olds of 1000's who were interviewed who believed that they were gay, in comparison to 12% of 16 year olds, 8% of 18 year
      olds, and finally between 1% to 4% of 20+ year olds who do so). These are fluid people groups, not fixed, such as those who identify as gay and alcoholic, and are based on cognitive and behavioral functioning characteristics derived by choices made by them, not primarily based on any choices made by others (God) for them. These are major distinctions in regard to the legislation of civil rights of particular people groups. What about the rights of polygamists? This is also a fluid, and not fixed, people group. Civil rights issues really don't apply to them either.
      In mainstream America, what God says about these issues in His Word, the Bible, and what science says, does indeed matter on how we as a society understand how to vote and legislate. Its not about liberty first. It's about the truth and life, first. It is why the US Constitution says, "... life, (THEN) liberty and the pursuit of happiness". If you don't know what the truth is, and what life is about, then you can't find liberty, since it is defined by the former. The civil rights of racial minorities are now even that much more protected because of the basic understanding of all humanity being created equal (e.g., Martin Luther King, Jr. got most of his inspiration from the Bible, Christian abolitionists, the US Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence. The last two documents were basically compilations of pastoral sermons over the previous 100 years) with equal rights and voting power. Matters of sexuality (except for genetic and hormonal
      disorders like hermaphroditism, of course) and addictions are recognized as behavioral issues, and science does indeed corroborate it. These are not civil rights issues.
      And, rightly so, most blacks in America are offended when gay and lesbian identified folks attempt to "piggyback" their agenda on to the civil rights movement, to make others agree that their choice of a lifestyle is not only their right, but when others do disagree, that that would NOT be the other's RIGHT, and MUST show that they "get it", as being a civil rights issue, by voting for gay marriage rights, child adoption, "thought" crime bills, ENDA, etc. (i.e., No, toleration is necessary (such as allowance of civil unions), and an honorable response, but not legislative enforcement of acceptance for such individual choices that one personally makes. That would be a tenet of fascism!)

      And, discrimination is not a dirty word. In fact, we all necessarily discriminate against people's particular behaviors everyday, else our own safety, and the safety of our family and friends, would be in danger. Discrimination gone awry is when one discriminates against people's heritable characteristics. I discriminate against behaviors, and appraise them as well; not people.



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      Thomas Morey schrieb:

      >Dear Balu,
      Hello Thomas.

      Do you think, that there is something like Xenophobia?
      Described as:
      Xenophobia is an intense and/or irrational dislike and sometimes fear of
      people from other countries or ethnics. The term is typically used to
      describe a fear or dislike of foreigners or of people significantly
      different from oneself.

      Greetings Balu
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