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23140Bishop Gene Robinson backs out of APA symposium

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  • Laura
    May 1, 2008
      From the blog http://wthrockmorton.com/

      April 30th, 2008

      Today, the Washington Blade reported that Bishop Gene Robinson backed
      out of his scheduled presentation at the American Psychiatric
      Association conference. He was scheduled to present about "A Pastoral
      Approach for Gay & Lesbian People Troubled by Homosexuality."

      Bishop Robinson provided the following explanation:

      "Conservatives, particularly Focus on the Family, were going to use
      this event to draw credibility to the so-called reparative therapy
      movement," Robinson told the Blade. "It became clear to me in the
      last couple of weeks that just my showing up and letting this event
      happen … lends credibility to that so-called therapy."

      This is quite troubling and not at all accurate. Since no one on the
      panel planned to speak about reparative therapy, it is clear to me
      that the Bishop was misinformed. The symposium was approved by the
      APA in October of 2007 and nothing has changed in the descriptions,
      personnel or intent of the symposium since then. The meeting is not
      going to endorse reparative approaches, or advocate for any change in
      APA policy.