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22989Re: Question for anyone who can give me advice about disolving domestic partnership

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  • Sabine
    Mar 5 4:18 PM
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      to: n2heaven00,

      Wow - what a testimony!

      I understand all you are saying. I don't think I'm that far along
      yet. My ex is not making any advances towards me at all, she has
      been very understanding in that way. She is attending church with
      me, though I know its only to make me happy right now.

      I do know for a fact that I cannot remarry - the bible says unless
      your spouse comitted adultery and you were divorce for adultery, or
      if your spouse dies, you can't remarry. So, I accept that. I know
      that I must remain celibate and single for the rest of my life. My
      ex-husband is remarried, so that door is also closed. But that's ok -
      I accept that. I want to continue to witness to my ex partner, (who,
      by the way, did "pray the prayer", but won't repent of the sin of
      homosexuality, which is why I continue to pray for her. I don't know
      if she is really saved and God just needs to work in her life or
      not. She asks me questions alot and I try to stay in the word as
      much as possible so I can answer the questions she asks.

      For now I just wanted to disolve the domestic partnership agreement
      because I have no right to get benefits for something that is not

      I guess I must take things one thing at a time. If I feel the Lord
      pushing me out of this house, then I will have to go. Right not I
      don't feel that. I can honestly say I have no temptation - God
      really dealt with me regarding this sin and I will never go back.

      --- In exgaydiscussionboard@yahoogroups.com, "n2heaven00"
      <n2heaven00@...> wrote:
      > What a wonderful testimony that truly Glorifies our Lord and Savior
      > an His awesome power to deliver His people.
      > Quick testimony about myself. I had been a lesbian since my first
      > attraction at the age of 7 years old. I came out the closet at 16
      > old and was in nothing but, lesbian relationships after that. I was
      > in a 7 yrs relationship were a child was involved along with a
      > that it took 2 incomes to be able to afford the rent and also
      > vehicles. God really began to deal with me in that relationship
      > regarding salvation and being delivered. My now, ex we had a very
      > good friendship in fact were still friends with distance now but,
      > the time we stopped having intimacy but, because she didn't
      > understand so many times she would try to make some kind of advance
      > and I only frustrated her more by saying , "No". After about 6
      > of that, because, it just got worse. Your ex has the right to move
      > if you don't want her, your just going to frustrate her by
      > saying, "No I'm delivered but, she's living with you. The Bible
      > to shun the very appearance of evil. I Thessalonians 5:22. You
      > mentioned also, that you felt if you leave your ex she might not
      > come to Jesus. But, question to you, How did you get Saved? If
      > had the power to come in between a 15 year relationship and convict
      > your heart regarding homosexuality, He's also your ex Creator don't
      > you think He knows how to save her. The Bible says one waters, one
      > plants, but, God brings the increase, so, I think your giving
      > yourself to much credit. Your not her Savior, Jesus is. Also,
      > regarding the living together go in prayer ask the Lord that if
      > His will that you move out, that He would open doors for you and to
      > bless your ex with either another roommate or the finances to take
      > care of the property. I left my ex and the child I helped raise for
      > yrs, I love them to this day but, God wanted to use my life for His
      > Glory and I had to leave everything and follow Him. I can tell your
      > worried about sinning against Jesus but, what about His will for
      > life. If God called you to Michigan but, your in California you
      > not be sinning but your not in His will remember, Jonah? Also,
      > you already being divorced and questioning if you can get married
      > again. Sit down with your Pastor and share openly and let him or
      > instruct and pray with you regarding that and by all means get
      > yourself in a Bible believing Church so your soul can be nurtured
      > you can go from drinking milk to eating strong meat and be anchored
      > in Jesus our Rock!!! I've been saved now just about 5 yrs, I'm now
      > Sunday School teacher for 10-12 yr old girls and I participate in
      > alot of ministry and God has blessed me with a Christian Business
      > I'm planning to get married August 16,2008 to a wonderful saved Man
      > who knows my past but, has dared to journey unto the future with me
      > to the Glory of God! What if I would of stayed living with my ex, I
      > would of missed out on all God had for me. Yes, I was scared. That
      > house is temporal, it's just an earthly treasure,what does it
      > a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? Seek heavenly
      > rewards, seek God's Divine will and purpose for your life. God
      > You and May God bless your ex also.
      > --- In exgaydiscussionboard@yahoogroups.com, "Sabine" <pugpaws01-
      > paingroup@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi,
      > >
      > > I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for 15 years.
      > Last
      > > year I turned my life over to Christ and repented of my sin of
      > > homosexuality. Its been very difficult because I care deeply for
      > my
      > > friend and want more than anything for her to get saved as well.
      > >
      > > We have had many long talks, angry talks, as she doesn't
      > > how this could happen. I have decided to stay living as room-
      > > and friends (we own our house and everything else as joint). We
      > now
      > > live in separate rooms and no longer are intimate. Though this is
      > > very difficult for my friend, she has accepted it and is trying
      > > cope. God has taken away my desire for the first time in my life
      > > continue in homosexuality.
      > >
      > > I have been praying for my friend and she agreed to begin going
      > > church with me. I don't know whether it is to please me because
      > she
      > > hopes I will change my mind or what - but at this point I am just
      > > happy that she is going as I really needed to get back into
      > church.
      > > I just continue to pray for her and ask God daily to help me show
      > her
      > > an example of what He can do in her life.
      > >
      > > Here's the thing - I don't feel as if I am doing wrong by
      > continuing
      > > to live with her as a friend for many reasons. First, we have
      > always
      > > been very close friends and I want to keep that, second I want
      > to
      > > get saved and I honestly believe if I just leave and abandon her,
      > she
      > > will never come to Christ, third, we both have severe medical
      > > conditions and neither of us have anyone else to take care of
      > > other when we are in the hospital, (which seems to be frequently)
      > and
      > > I think we should continue to support each other in this way,
      > fourth,
      > > I am divorced and I cannot remarry based on what the bible says
      > > regarding divorce and remarriage. My husband did not commit
      > adultery
      > > on me and therefore if I remarry I commit adultery. (I do have a
      > > verse for this but can't think if it off the top of my head).
      > >
      > > Here's my concern - I'm not worried about what other people
      think -
      > > first, I tell everyone that we are not together, we are just room-
      > > mates and living in California with high costs of housing its not
      > > unusual for 2 or 3 or 4 people to live together to be able to buy
      > > house.
      > >
      > > However, we entered into a domestic parternship many years ago
      > > the sole reason of protecting us when either of us was in the
      > > hospital. Unfortunately the rules have changed and now its like
      > > getting a divorce and very complicated. I feel as if I should
      > > this disolved, but everything I read says that they divide our
      > > property and order support etc. I don't want that. We would
      > > continue to own our house together and everything else. I don't
      > want
      > > alimony ordered either. I don't even know if we have the right
      > > say we just want the domestic order disolved, but we want to make
      > our
      > > own divisions - (or non divisions as it may be).
      > >
      > > I would appreciate any advice that anybody might have regarding
      > this,
      > > and what you think about disolving the domestic partnership
      > agreement
      > > itself.
      > >
      > > I still suffer so much guilt for having lived this way and
      > sometimes
      > > I fear that God will punish me for keeping this domestic
      > partnership
      > > agreement together.
      > >
      > > Thanks for any info anyone can give me.
      > >
      > > Sabine
      > >
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