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  • Thomas Morey
    Jan 4, 2008
      Dear p_csilen,

      A great book, called "Homosexuality and the Politics
      of Truth" by Dr. Jeffrey Satinover gives an accurate
      overview of the research concerning the possibility of
      any hormonal influences on same sex attractions (SSA)
      in one of its chapters in the causation section of the

      In addition, after having done a term paper in one of
      my neuropsych classes from the early 90's on this very
      issue, I can reassure you that if there is any DIRECT
      influences on just homosexual behavior, in itself, and
      not significantly altering the direction of one's
      sexual behavior, it is due rather to having too much
      testosterone, and/or its derivative, alpha-tocopherol,
      rather than not enough. This is found to be true not
      only among animals, but also those who take
      performance-enhancing steroidal drugs! Actually, it is
      more indicative of just a heightened frequency of
      aggressive and sexual behavior, and not just
      homosexual acts.

      As for any possible INDIRECT, or predispositional
      influences, there is particular theoretical aspects of
      the Geschwind theory, among others, that only during
      the later prenatal stages of growth, hormonalization
      of cortex development of the brain does indeed have a
      bearing on personality and specializaton of abilities,
      which may lead then to homosexual inclinational
      development when it is concomitant with the necessary
      and classic psychosexual influences from one's
      familial environment. It is believed that more
      testosteronal-like neurochemical effects lead to more
      specialization of the brain (i.e., in general,
      sociobiologists state that males are believed to be
      more likely to have less development in verbal regions
      of the cortex and more in spatial relations than
      females). In general, females are believed by them to
      have more of an integrated, or neurochemically
      consolidated, cortical system. And, studies concerning
      specialization of abilities and tasks do seem to
      indicate that self-identified SSA'd adult males are
      much more like their female counterparts, rather than
      other males. But, other specialists in the field say
      that this may be because of post-natal, acquired
      behavior, even in our adulthood, since our behaviors
      do indeed continually have significant effect on
      various aspects of the brain. Plus, there was no
      significant differences found between self-identified
      SSA's women and other women, nor significant
      similarities between SSA'd women and men in general.

      It does appear that it is widely accepted by those in
      neuropsychology that particular hormonal effects on
      the brain rather have alot more to do with
      hermaphroditism and other biologically based sexual
      disorders, and not as much on psychosexual

      I hope this helps.



      --- p_csilen <p_csilen@...> wrote:

      > I saw my doctor today, and I got back the results of
      > my blood work.
      > Except for my triglicerides being a little too high
      > everything looked
      > pretty good. There was one result that stood out. My
      > testosterone
      > levels were excedingly low. My doctor said that this
      > might or might
      > not be a result of my malfunctioning pancrius, but
      > it has a lot to do
      > with my inability to lose weight. So, she gave me a
      > testosterone
      > shot. I asked my doctor if I could have had low
      > testosterone levels
      > all of my life. She said yes. I also told my doctor
      > that I had been a
      > part of the gay live for twenty years, and asked if
      > this could be a
      > contributing factor? She told me that there are
      > different schools of
      > thought on this matter, but it is certainly a
      > possibility. My doctor
      > was very impressed over the fact that I had left the
      > life, and it
      > turned out that she was a Christian too. We
      > discussed the situation
      > in great length. She told me that The Lord has
      > forgiven and forgotten
      > the sins, and its time that I do the same. She's
      > right. That is
      > easier said than done when I can't be out in public
      > or watch TV
      > without finding myself cruising.
      > But I wonder. Could there be any credence to the
      > hormone level
      > theory, or is it what I have been told all my
      > Christian life. "This
      > is God's judgement against Him. Therefore I am
      > getting my just
      > deserts!"
      > I have come to a place in life where I have had to
      > accept that I will
      > always be attracted to males, and this is not going
      > to go away. I
      > have even come to the point where in my prayers I
      > have thanked The
      > Lord for allowing this to happen, and to thank Him
      > for His
      > forgivness. It is still a struggle. I would welcome
      > your feedback.
      > Pardon my bad spelling. I never went to medical
      > school. God bless you.

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