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  • Nieuwleven
    Jan 2, 2008
      Dear brother,

      Thanks for sharing. Actually, nobody knows why homosexuality develops
      in some people. Trying to find a simplistic answer would do more harm
      than good. Probably hormones play a role, but there are plenty of
      other factors behind.

      Welcome to the team! I've also made peace with the idea that this
      process of healing might be lifelong! I don't see healing as having
      heterosexual lust, but as becoming closer to Jesus and to the one he
      created in me.

      Lots of love in Him,


      --- In exgaydiscussionboard@yahoogroups.com, "p_csilen" <p_csilen@...>
      > I saw my doctor today, and I got back the results of my blood work.
      > Except for my triglicerides being a little too high everything looked
      > pretty good. There was one result that stood out. My testosterone
      > levels were excedingly low. My doctor said that this might or might
      > not be a result of my malfunctioning pancrius, but it has a lot to do
      > with my inability to lose weight. So, she gave me a testosterone
      > shot. I asked my doctor if I could have had low testosterone levels
      > all of my life. She said yes. I also told my doctor that I had been a
      > part of the gay live for twenty years, and asked if this could be a
      > contributing factor? She told me that there are different schools of
      > thought on this matter, but it is certainly a possibility. My doctor
      > was very impressed over the fact that I had left the life, and it
      > turned out that she was a Christian too. We discussed the situation
      > in great length. She told me that The Lord has forgiven and forgotten
      > the sins, and its time that I do the same. She's right. That is
      > easier said than done when I can't be out in public or watch TV
      > without finding myself cruising.
      > But I wonder. Could there be any credence to the hormone level
      > theory, or is it what I have been told all my Christian life. "This
      > is God's judgement against Him. Therefore I am getting my just
      > deserts!"
      > I have come to a place in life where I have had to accept that I will
      > always be attracted to males, and this is not going to go away. I
      > have even come to the point where in my prayers I have thanked The
      > Lord for allowing this to happen, and to thank Him for His
      > forgivness. It is still a struggle. I would welcome your feedback.
      > Pardon my bad spelling. I never went to medical school. God bless you.
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