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22615Re: NARTH Opens Up Conference in Texas!

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  • Frank R.Schoonover
    Nov 1, 2007
      Dear Laura

      I tried the link but I got "Page Not Found" afterwards.

      I woudl like to read the full article on the site.Please
      help.Sincerely Frank R.Schoonover

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      > NARTH Opens Up Conference in Texas!
      > By JEFFREY WEISS / The Dallas Morning News
      > Mental health therapists gathered at a conference in Irving this
      > weekend are trying to chart a middle course between commonly heard
      > views about homosexuality.
      > The National Association for Research and Therapy of
      > which claims 800 members, holds the official position that people
      > who are gay or lesbian and want to change can be helped by
      > counseling.
      > Leaders of the group say that nobody is born gay or lesbian. But
      > they also say that nobody chooses a sexual orientation.
      > About 50 people showed up for the conference Friday morning and
      > heard speakers who asserted that:
      > • Innate biological tendencies unrelated to sexuality combine with
      > perceived childhood rejection from the same-sex parent or peers to
      > create a psychological need for same-sex acceptance and affection.
      > • Homosexuality is not chosen consciously but is a way people seek
      > to fill the psychological void.
      > • Counseling works – when it works – only for people who want it.
      > "For some people, it [homosexuality] is a satisfactory adaptation.
      > And for others, it is an unsatisfactory adaptation," said Dr.
      > Nicolosi, president and co-founder of the group.
      > Others in the organization suggest that gays and lesbians
      > benefit from counseling if they seek it. "Behind every homosexual
      > heterosexuality that wants to come out," said Dr. Benjamin
      > another co-founder of the group that formed in 1992.
      > Those positions run counter to that of several major psychological
      > associations.
      > The American Psychological Association says on its Web site: "The
      > most important fact about 'reparative therapy,' also sometimes
      > as 'conversion' therapy, is that it is based on an understanding
      > homosexuality that has been rejected by all the major health and
      > mental health professions. ... [H]omosexuality is not a mental
      > disorder and thus there is no need for a 'cure.' "
      > But Dr. Nicolosi's group holds that the American Psychological
      > Association position is not supported by science.
      > Dr. Nicolosi said his organization is not religious. Of the 16
      > scheduled speakers, eight included information about their
      > training or affiliation in their short biographies.
      > A group that believes the conference promotes unproven
      > treatments plans a news conference in protest today.
      > "They are advocating for an open avenue to push a treatment that
      > many cases is going to be harmful to the people who seek it out,"
      > said Chuck Smith, deputy director of Equality Texas and spokesman
      > for the coalition that planned the protest.
      > Leaders of the conference say they are not seeking confrontation.
      > "We are not a group of activists," Dr. Kaufman said. "We are a
      > of clinicians."
      > -gaytherapy_27met.ART0.North.Edition1.4259d92.html
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