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22485Re: [ExGDBd] Progress or Politics?

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  • Thomas Morey
    Oct 1, 2007
      Dear p_csilen,

      Yes, there is.

      Unfortunately, the original format of this ExGDBd
      discussion group allows others who are not members to
      possibly view the contents of one's post, just by
      doing a search on your e-mail address! It is why we
      recommend 1) that you ask for any other ExGDBd
      member's private e-mail address whom you would feel
      comfortable asking buy posting your request, and
      asking them to send it privately to you. They can look
      up the private e-mail address you submitted to us in
      the membership listing. And/or 2) try one of the
      following groups: brotherskeepers, ex-gaymensministry,
      and peoplecanchange. You may do a search to find out
      their official website address. These are the
      discussion groups that I believe have the necessary
      safeguards. And, there are others here in this
      discussion group who could give you other referrals as
      well. Isn't that right fellow ExGDBd members? :-)

      Blessings to you, p_csilen, in your spiritual journey
      out of bondage into freedom,

      --- p_csilen <p_csilen@...> wrote:

      > I am a relitivly new member of this forum. Just like
      > the rest of your I
      > am going through the undaunting task of dealing with
      > my issues of same
      > sex attraction. I joind this forum thinking that it
      > would be a support
      > group to give prayer and encouragement to each other
      > who are working on
      > the same issues. Instead most of the posts that I
      > read on this forum
      > are political commentary. This is alright in itself,
      > but is there a
      > gourp out there that deals with the issue of mutual
      > support?

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