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19909Fw: TV Taping Success on Wed - THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS

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  • Bridget Night
    Dec 1, 2006
      Update for you all. Bridget
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      Subject: TV Taping Success on Wed - THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS


      I want to thank you for you prayers regarding the taping of the French TV show this past Wednesday.

      It was a long day of many interviews with myself, a client, and my family. The host asked very good questions, however, we shall see how the piece is edited (please pray for that important process). They are off to interview Dean Hamer next, about his research (which I commented on as well). The show will depict both sides of the homosexual issue (revolving around nature vs nurture). They interviewed several ex-gays in France already.

      The session with the client went very well. Lee Brundidge was gracious and courageous enough to allow them to film a very deep process of his sharing. We had two mentors (a man and woman) who did some role play with him. This depicted the necessity of healing past relationships. The interviewer was deeply moved by the process.

      My wife and I shared about our 24 year marriage, what we went through and where we are today. It was a beautiful time. Also, they filmed scenes of our family together: Proof of the pudding--CHANGE IS POSSIBLE!

      It will air in French and German speaking countries in Europe on Feb, 2007. I will inform you of the date, time and TV station.

      Thank you again for your sincere prayers. They are deeply needed and appreciated. I/we are praying for you.

      Bless you and your family, Richard

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