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1441RE: [ExGDBd] Re: Opening a can of worms: Leadership Questions

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  • Matt Mercer
    Sep 1, 2002

      That is a good question, and I am glad you asked.
      Originally, I asked what qualities must those in leadership have. The
      reason why I originally asked these questions, is because I have been
      listening to other men who are in leadership positions, ask some of the
      same questions. Over the years, I myself have been part of different
      Exodus-based support groups. One of the things I noticed was that the
      leaders often stayed until they burned out, with no one trained [or
      willing] to step up to the plate to take their place. And in some
      cases, out of "desperation" to continue, men were asked to take on
      leadership roles, for which they were not qualified. Some immediately
      fell into sexual sin. Others deserted the ministry, and just
      disappeared. They were not proven yet.

      As I look at this unique ministry, I honestly believe that
      the pressures are intense. This type of ministry, in some ways, is more
      difficult than many other forms of ministry. There is great opposition
      inwardly and outwardly. I do not believe this ministry is for the faint
      of heart, or for cowardly lions. This is warfare, and it is not
      glamorous.. I see a day when such ministries face severe opposition from
      our government-perhaps to the point of being heavily fined, jailed, and
      other severe sanctions, for our stand on this issue. Upcoming leaders,
      in my opinion, need to have no character flaws or weaknesses, that left
      unchecked, could make them vulnerable to caving into the opposition,
      and/or sexual sin.


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      Matt? Incidentally, why did you ask that question in the first place?

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