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11474Re: [ExGDBd] Re: Im trying to be good

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  • Brett Sanders
    Aug 1, 2004
      Hey Bethany,
      Thanks alot that means alot to me.i like it when you say we are in this altogerther. I keep forgetting that i am not alone inthis.

      Bethany <castledweller7@...> wrote:
      Hi Sandy!

      It is wonderful that you have gone so long about acting out.
      That gives the rest of us hope too. I would encourage you to find one
      person at your church that you could talk about your struggles with.
      Maybe someone on the pastoral staff or an older man in the church.
      They also could be key in helping you stay accountable.

      Try to find other activities to do on the nights that you would
      normally go to the gay bars. If you have nothing to do that interests
      you, of course you would want to go there. I would do the same thing.
      Find a friend and go to the movies, or bowling or whatever you think
      is fun and gets you interacting with people.

      Many times our feelings about ourselves are tied up in our
      thoughts or actions. God's feelings for us never waiver. God is
      forever loving you. He wants to comfort you and strengthen you. Be
      honest with God about your struggle. He knows, He just wants to hear
      it from you.

      Don't give up the fight~We are all in this together!

      --- In exgaydiscussionboard@yahoogroups.com, "Brett"
      <brettsanders2001@y...> wrote:
      > Hi everybody,
      > I just wanted to say that I am trying to stop hanging out at the
      > bars. I hate the fonyness of it all. It has been 74 days since i
      > acted out. I hate myself when im acting out. I go to a big church
      > but nobody knows that im gay there except one guy whose face i
      > recognised from one of the bars i went to. I thought i could just
      > friends but i lied to myself to many times. i feel like crap after
      > act out like im a devel or something.
      > ---Sandy---

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