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  • John Brown
    Dear Brother Alan   Yes on your suspicions on I Corinthians 6:9 (see last email I sent you) and in all you describe I see no sin. Most of us have been taught
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      Dear Brother Alan
      Yes on your suspicions on I Corinthians 6:9 (see last email I sent you) and in all you describe I see no sin. Most of us have been taught by sincere but sincerely wrong people (in my opinion) that gays are not normal, we are sick, or possessed by devils, God hates us because of who we are (especially if we acr on it), we are going to burn in hell forever etc. This leads to a lot of self loathing, attempts to change ourselves (which I believe are doomed to failure as we cant change ourselves) to convince ourselves we are not gay but are like everyone else etc. However when all is said and done we find out we are still gay and have the same feelings we have always had. Why because I believe God is trying to tell us its ok, nothing wrong with same attractions or acting on them within the context of willing partners and preferably/ideally within a loving, caring and affirming relationship that is also Christ centered.
      As for your rape I'm sorry to hear about that. Know rape is never approved of or condoned in the Bible as love is or should be always an act of love as I have said before. As for how it can be expressed there are many ways to show love other than by sex or anal sex. Caring, corcern, helping others, working for social justice and many other ways are all legimitate ways of expressing love. In the day you find a partner then you can discuss sex and what you all may wish to do about it. As for confession for what? For being gay? For loving someone of the same sex as you? For wanting to be touched, loved, cared about? God help us. In other words nothing to repent for. You are simply being what you are and assuming it was a mutual thing between you and you both wanted it not a problem. as for your multiple partners who cares. I can guarantee Jesus doesn't. He said to the prostitute caught in the act of adultery go and sin no more and totally forgave her. It
      was the religious people who wanted to stone her according to the law not Jesus. I believe it is the same today. Jesus forgives you, I forgive you, now forgive yourself and move on in all God has for you and wants to you to be. It is no sin to fall in the mud but however it is a sin to stay in the mud and refuse to get back up, clean off and go on. God never gives up on us as long as we are willing to continue working with Him and dont give up. God is the God of second chances or as many as we need to get it right. That is not an excuse to deliberately fail or mess up but does mean God understands us and doesn't give on us even when we give up on ourselves. when we are ready to get up, return to Him and go on He is ready to recieve us and forgive us just like in the parable of the prodigal son. Failure is not final with God but giving up can be. So get up, keep on trucking (to use an old 1960;s cliche) and become all God wants you to be
      Hope this helps. Always look forward to hearing from you
      Rev. John W. Brown
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      Subject: [ExExGayMinistry] Re: Newbie
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      Date: Wednesday, November 4, 2009, 7:27 PM


      Rev. Brown,

      Please, no need to apologize for offending me whatsoever. I am not offended. In fact, I want to hear the honest truth about what you and others believe regarding my situation.

      You see, in the past I have had a deep desire to please God and do His will. Just a bit over a year ago, I broke down and acted upon my homosexual desire to be with another man. As I told you, my experiences with other guys have been mostly restricted to masturbating together, and then more seriously in a one time thing with another guy, and now my friend I am telling you about here. I have not engaged in anal sex and right now that holds no appeal to me.

      I am not completely convinced either way yet, and I appreciate hearing your interpretation of what Scripture says. I'm rather suspecting that 1 Cor. 6:9 is talking about the two participants in anal sex (sodomy). i.e. malakos = receiver and arsenokoites = giver
      I know this might sound like I am trying to defend myself since I have not participated in anal sex, but I am not. I think I am implicated in what Scripture says about sexual immorality no matter what view we take, because I've had multiple partners, etc.

      I might add that someone did perform anal sex on me when I was just 12 years old and I was hurt. I think this is why it holds no appeal for me right now.

      Please be frank with me. I am seeking the truth and I'm trying to reconcile what I believe with my homosexuality and Christian faith. At the moment, that is not easy. I have been taught that having same sex attractions is not sin, but acting out upon those attractions is sin. I have also been taught that if I am unrepentant (unwilling to change direction/stop my "sinful" behavior), that puts me out of fellowship with God and He has nothing to do with me, except possible discipline until I confess my sin(s) and repent. See why I am conflicted, because I've come to the conclusion that I need human touch, warmth and affection?


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    • MrChuk@aol.com
      I work with developmentally disabled persons for the past 30 years.... They are less than normal compared to the rest of us... so why didn t Got make
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        I work with developmentally disabled persons for the past 30 years....
        They are less than "normal" compared to the rest of us... so why didn't Got
        "make them" normal.... I think you are right... there is a parameter that
        God is "hands off" to stay it generally... and things in creation go awry
        from His best intentions... but that never, ever diminishes His love for each
        of his creation.

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        ad4071@... writes:

        Reverend Brown,

        Thanks so much for your warm welcome to this group. I'm glad I found this
        group and I'm looking forward to discussions with all of you.

        Basically I agree with all you have said with one exception. Please don't
        take me wrong on this, because my belief in this one difference in opinion
        does not hinder my love for anyone else whatsoever. I just don't think God
        made me gay. I do, however believe He ALLOWED it to happen. I don't know
        why, but I know He is in control and nothing happens to me that is not in His

        One thing I do know is that gay men are more sensitive, and God loves a
        sensitive spirit. In other words, someone that is sensitive to Him and to His

        It seems that homophobia is prevalent in much of the church now. The Bible
        has a lot more to say about adultery and hypocrisy than it does
        homosexuality. As far as Scripture goes, homosexuality is barely mentioned, yet for
        many it's nearly the only thing they ever preach about. I think it's because
        condemnation of someone else makes our own pet sins seem less relevant.

        These so-called churches that run around with the "God hates fags" signs
        make me sick. Why don't their signs say, "God hates hypocrites. liar and/or
        adulterers?" God love everyone so much He sent his Son to die on their

        I am anxious to hear what you believe about sexual immorality. I tend to
        think that what I've been doing with the other guy I mentioned is not right,
        but I'm acting upon a lifelong desire for intimacy with another man.
        Here's the other concern, this guy has a live in BF, but he's seeing me when the
        BF is at work. Honestly, this guy is exactly the type of guy that's
        perfect for me, except for him having another BF. I do love this guy.


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