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    Rex, Here s some resources that were a God send to me years ago when I was trying to balance my sexuality with the fundamentalist Christian teachings of my
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 11, 2009
      Here's some resources that were a "God send" to me years ago when I was
      trying to balance my sexuality with the fundamentalist Christian teachings of
      my past.
      Keep us posted.

      _Thank a Homosexual for Your Bible_
      _Baptist Minister & Homosexuality: God Made Me Gay_
      _Homosexuality and The Bible_

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      _Was King James Gay?_

      Dear Brothers:

      I have been on your list for quite some time and posted some a few years
      ago, asking questions and making comments, and just reviewed your list from
      time to time since.

      I was one of those who went through Living Waters, now over 10 years ago.
      I'm now 62, just retired, but I still am in good health and have a healthy
      sex drive.

      In my case, as with many of you, I was taught early on that homosexuality
      is sin, so I sought to have it driven out of me like a demon spirit. I
      married at age 29 to a wife who knew I had struggled with homosexual desire. We
      ended up having two wonderful kids that I wouldn't trade the world for,
      plus my wife is very supportive and I have no intention of ever leaving her
      or hurting her. However, I still want to have a much better feeling about my
      homosexual orientation. Not that I don't - at least much better than I did
      have. My experience with Living Waters actually ended up helping me, in
      the long run, if you can believe that - because it enabled me to get closer
      to feeling more comfortable around men. However, I've not ever had that
      Jonathan - David experience that I've longed for.

      Anyway, here's where you can help. Now that I'm retired, I want to again
      thoroughly examine what the Bible really teaches about homosexuality, or
      doesn't teach. If you have some books or opinions of your own to share, I'd be
      very happy to hear them.

      Many of you will say that you believe God wants you in a stable
      relationship with one man or one woman, regardless of your sex, if you follow how God
      created you. But what about the issue of bi-sexuality? If there are
      persons who really are bi-sexual, and using the argument many make - they could
      have been born that way, how does that enter into this discussion? Would God
      permit a relationship with more than one person?

      I look forward to your thoughts. Thanks

      Rex - Michigan

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