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The struggles of Gay Christians can cause Irreparable Harm!

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  • rxr999
    This is an extreme example of how the struggles that Christian gays face can result in severe and irreparable harm to self and/or others. I never contemplated
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 10, 2008
      This is an extreme example of how the struggles that Christian gays
      face can result in severe and irreparable harm to self and/or others.
      I never contemplated suicide, but I was in danger of losing my first
      job after college graduation. The fire of sexual passion burned so
      hot that it could be detected by handsome co-workers, without words
      or actions - just by my 'aura' or 'vibrations', or better
      still, 'radiation'. 'Radiation' is what happens when any object that
      gets hot enough starts glowing red - the heat can be seen. My
      youthful and forcefully suppressed sexual passion was 'hot' enough to
      visibly 'radiate!'

      I'm almost certain Paden has prayed to God many thousands of times to
      remove these passions, in good faith and believing this to be God's
      will. Once irreparable harm threatens, apply a common sense
      principle: [Romans 13:8-10] Once a situation develops such that, as a
      practical matter, one of two sins seems inevitable, [Romans 7:15-24],
      select the lesser sin. Any act it takes no faith to believe is wrong
      and sin (that is, it harms self and/or other humans) is greater than
      an act that DOES take faith to believe is sin. For a born again
      Christian to commit (or even consider) suicide negatively glorifies
      God VASTLY worse than gay sexual activity! (And even this concedes,
      for the sake of argument, that the Bible totally condemns all
      homosexual activity.)

      I could go on and on about this, especially reading about such
      extreme hellish anguish! But this is my first post, so other insights
      and thoughts will follow.

      --- In exexgayministry@yahoogroups.com, "mental_problem2000"
      <mental_problem2000@...> wrote:
      > Hello,
      > My name is Paden. I am a black, 28 year old, homosexual. I
      > see how I can live as a gay person. I want to die. I guess I
      > in Jesus and God, but I dont think anyone can help me anymore. Why
      > I have to be gay? I didn't choose this, it chose me. Why do the
      > churches hate us so much? Why does the bible condemn homosexuality?
      > What does God think on the issue? Also, these ex-gay ministries,
      > they serious? I mean, can you change to become a heterosexual? I am
      > just so tired of life, being a homo, feeling like a bad christian,
      > and all the worries of being 28 and living at home... I just cant
      > take it anymore! I wish I were dead because being a homosexual has
      > brought nothing but pain to my life. I am a 28 year old virgin, I
      > have never been with anyone before. I am alone. I dont fit into the
      > gay community it seems, I admit though I havent seen much of it. Is
      > it ok for me to like white men as a black gay man? That bothers me
      > too. I just dont understand how God can be with me, yet I am in so
      > much pain. I just dont want to live anymore. I am on anti-
      > depressants, but they dont help anymore. I have tried psychatrists,
      > drugs, praying, hope, etc, but nothing seems to work. It just seems
      > to get worse and worse. Nothing seems to make me happy. Sigh, I
      > I am just weary and tired of life in general. Any suggestions?
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