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removing ex gay DVD.....help required

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  • Anthony Venn-Brown
    If you d like to do something about this then please go ahead. thanks Anthony VB ... From: Anthony Venn-Brown Personal Coach [mailto:anthony.venn-
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 13, 2006
      If you'd like to do something about this then please go ahead.


      Anthony VB


      From: Anthony Venn-Brown Personal Coach [mailto:anthony.venn-
      Sent: Sunday, 13 August 2006 09:19
      To: 'AusQueer@yahoogroups.com'
      Subject: Letter to Penrith Council - Please remove the dangerous ex
      homosexual DVD from your libraries

      Here is what I've sent to the council.

      If you'd like to let then know what a wrong move it was to put the
      DVD in the library then you can email the councilors at these

      'john.thain@...'; 'jackie.greenow@...';
      'kaylene.allison@...'; 'pat.sheehy@...';
      'susan.page@...'; 'david.bradbury@...'


      From: Anthony Venn-Brown Personal Coach [mailto:anthony.venn-
      Sent: Saturday, 12 August 2006 23:15
      To: 'john.thain@...'; 'jackie.greenow@....a
      u'; 'kaylene.allison@...'; 'pat.sheehy@....
      au'; 'susan.page@...'; 'david.bradbury@....
      Subject: Letter to Penrith Council - Please remove the dangerous ex
      homosexual DVD from your libraries

      Dear Councillors

      I read the news report below and I'm writing out of great concern
      that you may have unknowingly allowed materials into your libraries
      that are damaging to the mental health of your constituents who are
      gay or lesbian and will contribute to an increase in suicides,
      especially amongst your youth. Gay and lesbian youth are already two
      to three more times likely to suicide then others.

      I am referring to the Sy Rogers DVD which was donated to Penrith
      Mayor John Thain by the Christian Democratic Party Penrith branch
      member Kim Furst, I believe that copies have been placed in Penrith
      and St Marys libraries.

      I'm sure you would be unaware how damaging this message is to those
      who are same sex oriented or otherwise you would have not allowed
      this to happen. I know it seems in the best interests of free speech
      to have the `other side' presented, but there is absolutely no
      scientific evidence that a person is able to change from being
      homosexual to heterosexual.

      I know this from experience as I was a leader in the Assemblies of
      God and a regular preacher in the mega churches of Australia
      (Hillsong). Believing it was wrong to be gay, I tried desperately for
      22 years to change through psychiatric treatment, exorcisms, exgay
      programs, 40-day fasts and daily struggles with my `problem'.
      Although happily married for 16 years with two daughters, I
      eventually had to admit that nothing had changed. I actually spent 6
      months in a live-in exgay program based on the principles Sy talks
      about on his DVD, going through what was known as `reparative'
      or `conversion' therapy. It was one of the most traumatic experiences
      of my life that took me years to get over.

      The principles Sy Rogers and others promote have been decried as
      potentially harmful by all reputable mental health professionals.


      Mental health professionals ceased to believe that homosexuality was
      a psychological disorder over 30 years ago and the only people who
      continue to believe otherwise are Christian groups who hold on to a
      literal translation of the bible. Sy Rogers, the Exodus International
      organisation and the Christian Democratic Party are such people.

      Exodus International has operated now for three decades and even
      though there have been people who claim to now be heterosexual like
      Sy Rogers, history tells us this is not true. Meeting Sy and his wife
      personally it would be difficult to believe he is now heterosexual.
      People sometimes change their behaviours but not their orientation.
      Like Sy, I too would have claimed to be `healed'. After all I was
      married and had two children to prove it. The promotion of this false
      hope leads people to constant cycles of unnecessary mental torture,
      interminable confusion and struggle.

      I work with men and women who believed marriage would change them.
      Whilst these marriages may last for years, eventually and most
      frequently in mid-life when all the unresolved issues must be dealt
      with, everything simply falls apart. This leaves the partner and
      children with a terrible sense of betrayal that takes years to work
      through and resolve.

      Since I came out and told my story `A Life of Unlearning', I have
      received hundreds of emails from people telling me their own horror
      stories in these programs. Since 2000, I've also run an international
      support group for survivors of exgay programs. Whilst in the Living
      Waters exgay program, one person told me he attempted suicide three
      times, when his failed efforts to change kept him in depression. My
      goal is to expose these programs for what they are, nothing more than
      quackery, which includes exorcisms, endless sessions of prayer,
      changing your brand of underwear and flicking your wrist with a
      rubber band to try and stop thoughts of temptation. I'm working to
      see every one of these so called `exgay' programs closed down as they
      are based on a false premise (that something is wrong with you if you
      are gay) and the practitioners are totally unqualified to work in
      this area.

      You can see another well known ex-gay therapist, Richard Cohen who
      claims to be able to turn gay men straight being interviewed by Paula
      Zahn for CNN in May 2006. This is not a joke.

      http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=HQH6mrOvSGI&search=ex%20gay

      People need to be helped to accept their same sex attraction not try
      and change it.

      I'm sure you can see just how harmful it will be to leave Sy Rogers
      DVD in your libraries. I believe you have a moral obligation to
      remove it immediately and ensure that no further material on same sex
      attraction be placed in your libraries without the approval of those
      who understand same sex attraction and how to resolve any issues that
      may come up. Groups such as ACON, the Gay and Lesbian Counselling
      Service and other support groups in your area are fully qualified to
      help in this area, not political parties with an outdated world view
      and a religious agenda.

      There has been enough suffering. Please don't contribute to anymore.

      I'm happy to discuss this further. Please let me know what course of
      action you plan to take.

      Anthony Venn-Brown

      Author of 'A Life of Unlearning - Coming Out of the Church, One Man's

      Foreword by Hon. Michael Kirby.

      Winner of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Business Association's 'Book of
      the Year' 2004

      Download Chapter 1 'The Confession' FREE on the book page of

      Tel: 02 9699 2448 Mobile: 0416 015 231

      Doing all I can to inform, inspire and dispel the myths.

      Penrith Press (Fri)
      Edition 1 -FRI 21 JUL 2006, Page 007
      Couple offers a way out

      HOMOSEXUALITY could be overcome, and those wanting to find out how
      could watch a new DVD at Penrith Library.

      Sy Rogers Testimony was donated to Penrith Mayor John Thain by
      Christian Democratic Party Penrith branch member Kim Furst, and
      copies have been placed in Penrith and St Marys libraries. The Sy
      Rogers Testimony is the story of an homosexual man which demonstrates
      that what may well be impossible to man in his own strength is
      possible by the power of God''.

      Mrs Furst said she and her husband Ron were alarmed when they
      learned of the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras events held in Penrith
      earlier this year. They agreed with councillors Kevin Crameri and
      Mark Davies that ratepayers' money would be better spent on health
      issues related to homosexuality instead of celebrating their

      The Fursts attended the Queer Perspectives photographic exhibition
      and saw the Bouncing Castle video portraying the grief and shock
      of families coming to terms with their child's homosexuality.

      ``Although the video presented a positive message of love and
      acceptance I was saddened there was no hope of change given or even
      hinted at as a possibility,'' Mrs Furst said.

      ``This is fine for the homosexual who does not want to change, but
      for those seeking to overcome their orientation, it gives no
      practical help or encouragement.''

      Although the film was ``fairly innocuous'', it was still linked with
      mardi gras events which celebrated the homosexual lifestyle and
      promiscuity, she said.

      ``It seems the mardi gras organisers are trying to spread out into
      the suburbs, but people in the suburbs don't want it.'' Mrs Furst
      said she did not advocate intolerance. ``I don't have anything
      against smokers, but I don't want to celebrate the habit,'' she
      said. ``I believe homosexuals should be informed there is a way
      out.'' She said she knew several who through God's help had
      ``overcome that orientation'', married and had families.

      ``The community should be given access to material which
      demonstrates that change is actually possible,'' she said.

      Caption: Christian Democrats Ron and Kim Furst have presented a DVD
      to Penrith Council which opposes the homosexual lifestyle.




      My sexual orientation is not a sickness to be healed or a sin to be
      forgiven. My sexual orientation is a gift from my Creator to be
      accepted, celebrated, and lived with integrity.

      Freedom 2 B(e)

      Support - Information - Dialogue for GLBTIQ People from
      Pentecostal/Charismatic Backgrounds go to www.freedom2b.org
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