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  • Larry
    Today I received a letter from one of the members of this Group, who needed to talk to someone about fetishes. Someone who would accept him as he is, not
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 17, 2006
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      Today I received a letter from one of the members of this Group, who needed to talk to
      someone about fetishes. Someone who would accept "him" as he is, not tell him he has to
      quit doing them in order to be acceptable. If never before, now I am sure that God sent
      me to your group. I hope that I can help many come to grips with all the aspects of being
      Gay, especially "fetishes". Perhaps some day I will share my experience of being told that
      being "Gay" was something that I would grow out of.

      But for now, I would like to explain why I was not surprised. A few months back, I joined
      another group, called "Gay Christian Outreach" and sent them my testimony. They are
      Gay, but I doubt that they have felt the rejection that anyone who has been involved in the
      Ex-ExGay lifestyle has felt. (At least what I had gone through.) But as with this group,
      already one of their members has written me privately. The following is her letter and my
      correspondence that I shared wtih them.

      "Dear Larry,

      You are so right. This testamony would be an awesome way to introduce yourself to the
      group. I hope you will post it. I know the Lord will use you to minister to so many at GCO.

      Your analogy of Left and Right handed people hits home. I am 53, born left handed, but
      way back when I went to school in a small town in Ontario, Canada, I was forced to use my
      right hand to write. Wonder why the only subject I did poorly in was penmanship? To
      this day, my writing is sometimes illegible even to me. But I was a stubborn kid who still
      used my left hand for a lot of things. When doing assignments, I would often switch my
      pen from one hand to the other when I got bored, and the teachers usually never noticed.
      But having to use my right hand for years, weakened my left one considerably. A year and
      a half ago, I had a small stroke which affected my whole right side. Now I have recurring
      episodes where I can't even type with my right hand for days. I believe the Lord allows this
      for a purpose, now your analogy makes me wonder if perhaps He is telling me that even in
      this, I should be true to my nature no matter how long I have conformed to society's
      pressure. Thank you for helping me to see this.

      I look forward to reading lots of posts from you soon. Jump right in anytime. May God
      bless you Larry.

      In sisterly love,


      From: Larry <lgr1943@...>
      Reply-To: Larry <lgr1943@...>
      To: Lindy
      Subject: Re: Welcome to GCO
      Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 14:46:33 -0500 (EST)
      >Hi Lindy,
      >I will have no problem posting a message on your board. If anything, you may wish I
      would just be a quiet member. I grew up in the "church", have known since I was very
      young that I preferred guys rather than girls, received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit when I
      was 15 but had no idea what it meant, was diagnosed as "sexually immature" when I was
      22 and in college, and finally heard about being "gay" when I was 25. For years I lived in
      the closet, was an active youth leader in churches, Scoutmaster and Explorer Post Advisor
      in a couple BSA Councils without incident, and even participated in the Big Brother
      program. It was while I was a Scoutmaster that the Senior Scoutmaster I worked with
      dubbed me the Mother Hen because of my concern for the boys in the troop.
      >In 1982 I became involved with a Charismatic Lutheran Church and learned what the
      Baptism of the Holy Spirit which I had had, meant. Suddenly gifts that I had learned to
      take for granted, made sense and I began praying in tongues, using gifts that had, for the
      most part, laid dormant so many years.
      >In 1985, at a Holy Spirit Conference in Davenport, Iowa, I was lead to a book "Love,
      Acceptance, and Forgiveness". I adopted it as my Credo of Life. It spoke of a loving God
      who wanted to draw all folk, to him.
      >In 1986 I decided to attend the Lay Ministry Training Center at the "Mother Church" in
      Roseville, Minnesota, North Heights Lutheran Church. It was here that I learned that my
      homosexuality was something to be ashamed of, a sin that could not be forgiven, that I
      had to deny myself and refuse to participate in that type of sin if I wanted to be
      Charismatic and be saved. I joined Homosexuals Annonomous (HA), Exodus, Outpost, and
      other organizations, seeking to be accepted. Here I became Ex-Gay.
      >In 1988 I joined another Lutheran Church that accepted me, as I was, both Charismatic
      and Gay. Their teaching was that sin was sin and Jesus could forgive any sin. That while
      we should all try not to sin, we were all sinners and had all fallen short of the glory of God
      and needed to confess and be forgiven. This was more in line with the way I had been
      raised. I became a good Christian, a hypocrit.
      >.1992 I became involved in the Internet with America On Line and started a home page
      called Hugs of Love in which I gave my testimony that God loved everyone and that Jesus
      wanted a personal relationship with each one. However, I still had the idea that really I
      should deny myself, be Ex-gay (or hypocrit by not telling who or what I was).
      >Then in 1996, I decided to move to a Lutheran Church closer to where I lived (actually
      the church that I had worked at 10 years before as Office Manager). When I went to the
      first worship, I felt right at home. I told the pastor that I felt called to minister to
      Homosexuals. He said "Great, we have been thinking of starting that kind of Ministry and
      have a couple people interested already." His next words floored me. "Are you going to
      the Pride Parade?" I asked him what he meant. "Gay Pride, it has been on all weekend. I
      was down for a while yesterday." I had been lead by the Spirit to a Lutheran Church that
      was Inclusive, in which a new way of looking at Homosexuality had occurred,
      Reconciliation. I went to the parade and then went home with the biggest Migrane of my
      >Well, to make a long story short, I attended Reconciling to Christ Conferences. I became
      Ex-Ex-Gay, I became outspoken, I happened to catch a message of TV by Kenneth
      Copeland about Creation, I went back to "Love, Acceptance, and Forgiveness" with a new
      >And then I revised my AOL Home Page, Hugs of Love. And I came out of the Closet. My
      Father and one brother accpted me as I was, one brother said he still loved me but he did
      not want me to sleep over at his home where his children were any more, and my
      youngest brother was sure that I was going to go to hell.
      >I have grown in the Lord the last 10 years. I have been an officer in my church, all the
      members know that i am gay. I am active in our Young peoples Hip Hop Worship. I still
      have Hugs of Love at aol.com which brings me various people who want to chat. I have
      been added to a number of webpages as someone who is willing to chat about by walk
      and encourage a closer walk with Jesus.
      >This Year I started a new venture, a more or less Adult oriented Discussion Group on
      Yahoo, Hugs_of_Love At this point it is just getting started. The Lord has lead me to a
      neat prayer book "Miracle Hour" by Linda Schubert. It really does not change the way that I
      pray, rather it confirms that I have been doing it correctly and shows me how to fine tune
      it and make it better.
      >In looking back at this, I have decided that this could make an excellent way to introduce
      myself to your group. Wordy maybe, but it tells everyone a little of my testimony.
      >I wish you the very best in your life and your relationship. By the way, one of the things I
      have learned is that God makes Left and Right handed people. Now Society thinks that
      everyone should be Right handed. So they teach the people born with left handedness to
      use their Right hand. But that does not make them Right Handed, only a Left handed
      person using their Right hand instead of their left hand. God also creats Gay and Straight
      people. Society thinks everyone should be straight and you can see where I am leading.
      Just remember, whether you are left or right handed, straight or gay, to your own self be
      >If you can ever use me to further the group or work with a person struggling, I would be
      glad to.
      >Larry G Rogers
      >Ps. You are correct. The "hen" in my name comes out of that time when the Scoutmaster
      called me a Mother Hen. The Dad comes out of my type of Gay live that I live, being a
      Daddy in the BDSM world, hence DadHen.
      >-----Original Message-----
      > >From: Lindy
      > >Sent: Jan 7, 2006 11:36 PM
      > >To: lgr1943@...
      > >Subject: Welcome to GCO
      > >
      > >Hello dadhen! Welcome to GCO! ! I like your user name, maybe because I have often
      been referred to as a mother hen.
      > >
      > >As a part of the Member Care Team at GCO I am so glad you joined this wonderful
      community. I truly believe that everyone who finds this site has been led here by the
      hand of God. Here you will find acceptance without judgement, love, and true and lasting
      friendships. Although we come from diverse backgrounds, we are bonded by God's love
      for us, and our love for God and for each other. Someone here is always willing to pray for
      any need or to help you find answers to any questions you may have.
      > >
      > > I have been a Spirit filled Christian for over 30 years now. Nine years ago, after my
      husband of 25 years chose to end our marriage, I began a loving relationship with a
      woman. I felt rejected by the church because of this but was not really accepted by the
      gay community where I live because I am a Christian.
      > >
      > >The road has not been easy, but I know within my heart that I am where I'm supposed
      to be at this moment in time and have peace about it. I no longer consider myself as
      'straight' but then again I refuse to be defined by my sexuality. I am first and foremost a
      Christian who, by the grace of God, sees and loves the inner person rather than the body
      they are wrapped in.
      > >
      > >I thank God for leading me to this community where I am free to be me. At GCO I have
      found peace of mind, lots of fellowship, and made invaluable friendships. Even more
      importantly, the Spirit flowing me is free to minister to so many hurting souls."

      Thus ends the correspondence I had with Gay Christian Outreach. Just as I believe God
      lead me to them, I believe God lead me to join the ExExGay group. Just as I told them, I
      say once again, I hope that I will be blessed by being a member of this group and I hope I
      can be a blessing to the members of this group.
      Larry Rogers
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