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Re: UC Professor claims great sucess to convert gay to straight but has no data

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  • Goy Veh
    Wong ... also the name of China s currency. Probably just a coincidence, eh? http://g0ys.org ... California
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 30, 2005
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      "Wong" ... also the name of China's currency. Probably just a
      coincidence, eh?



      --- In exexgayministry@yahoogroups.com, "alankhoo92002"
      <alankhoo92002@y...> wrote:
      > Hi people,
      > This Melvin Wong is capitalizing on homophobia and
      > ignorance in South East Asia to promote his
      > "conversion therapy".
      > In this report, he is claimed to be a professor at the Uni
      > If I remember correctly,
      > last time in Singapore, he was described as a
      > professor at the Uni California San Francisco. Looks
      > like they now make it sound vague by not mentioning
      > which Uni Cali. Even the Exodus site states that he
      > WAS a faculty and does not claim that he is a faculty.
      > Can we do something about this once and for all? Can UCSF Dept of
      > Psychiatry issue a note disclaiming him?
      > Thanks.
      > Alan
      > "Going straight?"
      > New Straits Times, Malaysia (www.nst.com.my)
      > (16/07/05) Yong
      > Tiam Kui
      > Mental health professionals have differing views about
      > whether homosexuality is a curable psychological
      > disorder. YONG TIAM KUI speaks to two of them.
      > YES. You can, through prayers and guidance:
      > GAYS and bisexuals can change their sexual orientation
      > through a programme of prayer and guidance from others
      > who have gone through a similar conversion process.
      > US-based clinical psychologist and theologian Dr
      > Melvin W. Wong made this claim during a seminar
      > organised by Malaysian CARE entitled "The Reality of
      > Homosexuality" in Petaling Jaya recently.
      > "Bisexuals can change. Gays can change, too," says
      > Wong, chairman of the board of Exodus Global Alliance,
      > an international Christian organisation which helps
      > people who are "sexually broken". "The memories of
      > years of sexual experience won't go away. But, the
      > same sex attraction paradigm can be changed
      > altogether. "They don't just stop the sexual
      > behaviour. We take away the motivation, the
      > psychological underpinning of the behaviour. "The
      > degree of change boils down to motivation ... how much
      > the person wants to change."
      > Wong, who is assistant clinical professor and
      > attending psychologist in the Department of Psychiatry
      > of the University of California, says a gay
      > orientation is created primarily by distant fathers.
      > He says homosexual tendencies can develop if a father
      > pushes his son away or if divorce occurs within the
      > first three years of a boy's life. The one-and-a-half
      > to three-year period of a child's life is critical, he
      > adds, because this is when gender identity imprinting
      > takes place.
      > Wong, who is also director of the graduate level
      > pastoral counselling programme of the Hong Kong
      > Baptist Theological Seminary, says a homosexual
      > orientation can also develop as a result of sexual
      > abuse, sexual molestation or inappropriate sexual
      > experimentation. "Gays go through a never-ending
      > search for that perfect father or male figure that
      > never existed in his life."They have a neurotic need
      > to satisfy the need for masculine inclusion. They are
      > constantly looking for something that they lack in
      > men." He says EGA helps to fill this need by providing
      > "care and acceptance of same sex individuals in the
      > absence of a sexual relationship". "EGA is essentially
      > a self-help group like Alcoholics Anonymous. But,
      > unlike AA, the religious aspect is very heavily
      > emphasised. "We have a lot of Bible study, worship and
      > guidance from former strugglers who can show them the
      > way. "They study the Bible, pray and listen to the
      > stories of other people and they change. "There is a
      > lot of disciplining by former strugglers (former
      > gays). Older brothers taking care of younger brothers.
      > "This allows them to develop a sense of inclusion.
      > Many of them say 'I used to believe I was less than a
      > guy. Now I feel I am one of the guys?"
      > Wong claims that EGA has helped tens of thousands of
      > gays and bisexuals change their sexual orientation in
      > its 30 years of existence but he could not provide any
      > supporting statistics. "We don't keep statistics. We
      > don't believe in success rates. "We want gays to
      > realise that despite their homosexuality, God loves
      > them. They are struggling and they have no hope and I
      > am saying that there is an option."
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