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  • stryped_tigger
    Ken, I m glad that you liked my greetings and are open for discussion. I know how you feel. I was too bald and fat for them too but then again, you should
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 28, 2004

      I'm glad that you liked my greetings and are open for discussion. I
      know how you feel. I was too bald and fat for them too but then
      again, you should see some of the trolls that they "fell"
      with....make a fly puke on a gut wagon!:-&

      I hope to be able to talk with you soon. I have a friend in Grand
      Rapids that is an ex-gay minister. Let's just say that we don't
      talk much anymore since I came out. He was "disappointed" but ya
      just gotta be who ya are and I'm totally FABULOUS!!!!! Gosh! I'm
      such a drag queen at heart ;)

      BTW, my partner and I live in Portland, OR ;)


      --- In exexgayministry@yahoogroups.com, Kenbear <kenbear@g...> wrote:
      > Chris, Brother! Thank You for the very warm and Brotherly greetings
      > and "Open Arm" reception....this is of course so different from the
      > reception that i received from the gay-hating churches, and even
      > ex-gay ministries, themselves.... sometimes i rather morosely think
      > that i just wasn't "purdy" enough for 'em! lol.... it was a strange
      > coincidence that all the newbies in the year-long-live-in-program
      > L.I.A. in SanRafael were just "so pretty/young/etc" and i was a big
      > fat bald old late 30's something that just didn't offer them their
      > (management's/leadership's) "cheat appeal" ....i hafta rather rye-
      > and ruefully observe!!!! ....ahem (see how i go off on
      > Somebody SLAP me!
      > I have added you to my personal chatlist and welcome both public
      > on-list communiques and private offlist e-fellowship!
      > hey ya'all here,everybody!: I'm in Michigan: Southeast: Metro
      > Suburban.... how about a "rollcall" of locations from willing
      > listmembers, if this is permissible?
      > To all Godspeed, and Happy 2005, as it encroaches upon us all!
      > In Jesus:
      > -Ken Lee, SE Lower MI
      > > Message: 1
      > > Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 14:15:32 -0000
      > > From: stryped_tigger
      > > Subject: Re: new member hello
      > >
      > > Hello Ken,
      > >
      > > I would love to share experiences about the "ex-gay" stuff and
      get to
      > > know ya (as much as possible online). Feel free to email me
      > > and/or chatting me up on YM (under stryped_tigger). I welcome
      > > here with open arms and hope that you find this to be a positive
      > > to be.
      > >
      > > God bless you, brother!:)
      > >
      > > Chris
      > > --- In exexgayministry@yahoogroups.com, "Ken" <kenbear@g...>
      > > >
      > > >
      > > >
      > > > Howdy All:
      > > >
      > > > I am a new Member here (or should i say new memBEAR?) I went
      > > > a whole decade of the Exodus-member groups including the
      former Jack
      > > > Hickey ministries in Wyandotte Michigan, and also the famous
      > > > ("infamous"?) L.I.A./Church of The Open DoorExodus in San
      > > > Marin Coounty, CA... this decade was from 1980-1990....
      > > >
      > > > I'm sure i'll free to share more as i read your posts and
      settle in,
      > > > so to speak...
      > > >
      > > > -Ken in MI
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