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What study??!!

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  • nyguy_1225
    What is this elusive and mysterious study that someone is pushing on this board that there seems to be only one single shadowy sentence about??!! Who did
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10 2:04 PM
      What is this elusive and mysterious "study" that someone is pushing
      on this board that there seems to be only one single shadowy
      sentence about??!! Who did the study? Who is it here that is
      offering copies of it and what do they know about it? For starters,
      where did it come from? What is the author's position? Does he or
      she have a personal agenda? Or is the whole thing simply "ex-gay"
      propaganda? It strikes me as curious that some here are so quick to
      want copies without knowing anything at all about it and without
      asking any questions. For the record, just because someone does
      a "study" (and even if it's offered here, for that matter) does not
      mean the material has any credence or merit.

      You guys may even remember the "Gays Can Change" study that was
      published by Dr. Robert Spitzer some time ago. I personally
      responded to an ad Dr. Spitzer placed eliciting testimonies from
      people who had been involved in "ex-gay" ministry when this study
      was conducted. I underwent a preliminary phone interview with one
      of Dr. Spitzer's associates where it was determined my background
      was exactly what they were looking for re: participation in the
      study. Then during my telephone interview with Dr. Spitzer, he
      disqualified me from participating in his study after learning that
      I did not believe reparative therapy worked and that orientation was
      mutable. Dr. Spitzer revealed he was "LOOKING TO SPEAK WITH PEOPLE
      WHO BELIEVE THAT GAYS CAN CHANGE." If others who answered his ad
      were disqualified from participating in this study on the same
      grounds, one need not be a rocket scientist to figure out how Dr.
      Spitzer reached the conclusion he did.

      As you may also be aware, both the media and his peers blasted the
      study charging Dr. Spitzer misrepresented his research and distorted
      his findings. The APA denounced the study at their annual meeting
      and noted the research was based on a scientifically insignificant
      sample of 200. A multitude of other flaws were also pointed out:
      The study was not submitted for peer review, a fundamental
      prerequisite for the credibility of any study; Spitzer interviewed
      his subjects by telephone for 45 minutes, hardly a basis for
      reliable data; and a convenient sample and a question of a 45-minute
      phone interview without other verification cannot determine that a
      person has changed orientation. He had no proof whatsoever whether
      participants were honest.

      This particular poorly designed study did not prove that anyone can
      change. It only proved that information can be manipulated to make
      it say anything you want it to say. We could do a phone survey with
      200 Christian ex-"ex-gays" and come up with results that directly
      counter Dr. Spitzer's findings in a New York minute!

      The bottom line: For biblically-sound, intelligent and factual
      material on the subject of homosexuality and the Bible nobody has to
      send you any elusive studies that you know nothing about and they
      say nothing about. There is tons of phenomenal material on many
      excellent web sites. Some of these would include:

      Roy Clements <http://www.royclements.co.uk/>
      Jeremy Marks' Courage Ministry <http://www.courage.org.uk/>
      Evangelicals Concerned, Inc. <http://www.ecinc.org/>

      If the study being solicvited on this site has merit at all and/or
      was done by someone or persons of integrity and reputation then that
      info should be provided here up front. Don't be so gullible as to
      run for and embrace every wind of doctrine out there. Sadly there's
      a great deal more erroneous and untrue stuff from people pushing
      personal agendas than there is helpful, good-quality and factual
      material. Be discerning if you want truth and facts...

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