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  • Rusty Morris
    This is beginning to sound like FREE RECRUITMENT SPACE....noone would be allowed to make such a this group is about post on EXMM...they would banned
    Message 1 of 41 , May 20, 2003
      This is beginning to sound like FREE RECRUITMENT SPACE....noone would be allowed to make such a "this group is about" post on EXMM...they would banned immediatly.

      This person is a subtle as...well...we know

      This post was as well as the last one was a subtle recruitment post. It would not be allowed there.


      ----- Original Message -----
      From: Dave None
      To: exexgayministry@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, May 20, 2003 9:32 AM
      Subject: [ExExGayMinistry] Re: Ex-Gay!!!


      Hey dude, your fascination at my "monitoring and posting here is
      brinning a big grin to my face! As you pointed out, YOU monitor my
      group, what does it surprize you that I monitor groups like this
      one? It helps ALL OF US to be able to read and think about what
      those who don't hold our viewpoints feel and say. That is why I keep
      the message base on the ExGay Men's Ministry public so non members
      can read it and appreciate Norm doing the same here.

      One point of clarification, I removed your member ship in the EGMM
      Group for your failure to folow our Terms of Service not for your
      suggesting that "their thelogy isn't as biblical as they believe."
      Obviously, Norm (the founder here)and I don't agree about the
      Biblical interpration of homosexuality, but he and other members of
      this group have followed our Terms of Service and are still members
      of the EGMM Group.

      Alex, being "exgay" (whatever that is) isn't about "pursuing
      hetrosexuality" but rather living in sexual purity no matter if we're
      attracted to other males or females or both! It IS about becoming
      the men God created us to be in Christ no matter whether we're
      attracted to the same or opposite sex or choose to remain single or
      be in a hetrosexual marriage!

      That "intense and agonizing struggle" to remain faithful to their
      wives you talked about is every bit as intense for many completely
      straight Christian men who, like we guys dealing with same sex
      attractions, sometimes make bad choices and end up comitting adultery.
      or having sex without being married. It's not a "straight vs gay"
      issue but one of understanding God's plan of sexual purity as
      revealed in the Bible and choosing to live that way.

      The blunt truth is that many men dealing with same sex attraction
      issues will NOT become hetrosexual in orientation but we believe that
      it's no more sinful for a man to be tempted homosexually than
      hetrosexually. God created us with sexual feelings and desires and
      HE said that is good. God's design is NOT that we should be asexual
      but use our sexuality as HE designed and created us to live and that
      this plan is given in the Bible.

      In Jesus' Matchless Name,


      --- In exexgayministry@yahoogroups.com, nyguy_1225 <no_reply@y...>
      > How fascinating that Dave None, the moderator of the "ex-gay men's
      > ministry" board, does indeed monitor and post to the "ex-ex-gay"
      > boards. As I monitor his board and the ex-gay movement in general,
      > I'm quite well aware of the torment he contends with on a daily
      > basis. [My membership on his board was revoked for suggesting that
      > their theology may not be as biblical as they believe -- no such
      > discussion or mention is ever allowed.] I see regularly how one
      > after another pours out their emotional torment on his board as
      > talk about their intense and agonizing struggle to remain faithful
      > to their wives, those who have not been able to, and their
      > realization that after years of pursuing heterosexuality they're
      > one iota more heterosexual than they were from day one. Their
      > depression, disappointment and frustration are heart-wrenching.
      > Of course, even Dave readily admits on his board to his followers
      > that nobody is promised freedom from homosexuality and
      > heterosexuality is not and should not the goal. But if you're
      > doctrine is predicated on the misguided notion that to have
      > a "right" relationship with God one must pursue heterosexuality one
      > has no choice to relegate themselves to a life of frustration. Of
      > course, an unhappy life is not an unknown calling for a people who
      > worship the Christ of the cross. But sexual hardship itself is
      > hardly the calling.
      > -Alex
      > --- In exexgayministry@yahoogroups.com, "Norm" <nojam75@y...> wrote:
      > > --- In exexgayministry@yahoogroups.com, "Dave None"
      > <Davd_none@y...>
      > > >>>"...Stephen, I do want to say that you'll find Norm, the Group
      > > Owner here to be a fair man interesting in listening and
      > respecting
      > > of your opinions. He has always been a gentlemen in his dealings
      > > with me.
      > >
      > > Thanks for the kind words, Dave. It's good to hear from you
      > again.
      > >
      > > It is always a challenge to encourage respectful dialogue in
      > > types of forum -- especially when discussing such heated topics
      > > sexual morality and religion. I am concerned that as a group, we
      > > may "gang-up" on members who express a different opinions.
      > Stephen,
      > > smod1, has since left the group. I'm not sure if he felt
      > unwelcome
      > > or was not interested in further discussions.
      > >
      > > - Norm!

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    • calldon2k
      ... read ... So work in what way? Are you now heterosexual? Most ex-gay ministries and ministers who preach the ex-gay message promote that a gay person will
      Message 41 of 41 , Jun 8, 2003
        --- In exexgayministry@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen Modawell"
        <smod1@y...> wrote:
        > Paul this site has its postings open to the public... anyone can
        > them. I would not have joined such a site if I had not read so many
        > posting about how exgay ministries did not work... I just wanted to
        > give a balanced account of how some do work...

        So work in what way? Are you now heterosexual? Most ex-gay
        ministries and ministers who preach the ex-gay message promote that a
        gay person will become heterosexual and marry and begin a family.

        Please tell how your ex-gay ministry "do work???" Please be specific.

        >what I have learned is that I DO NOT HAVE

        Please define "QUEER" as you are using it.

        > Because I was abused as a child by men... I grew up believing the
        > only way for me to be close are accepted by another male was to
        > sex with him....

        So you admit that you were molested as a child and for the past few
        decades, you have been hanging around a group of alcoholic,
        promiscuous drug-users!!! All of this has NOTHING to do with being
        gay. You have been living a destructive lifestyle.

        > As for being in denial... I was in denial for 35+ years because I
        > someone tell be what I was or what I should be... only now am I
        > completely happy with who I am and what path I have chosen....
        > Just as I have respect for those that do not feel a need to
        > respect guys like me who do feel a need for change...

        If you were not gay, then you are not an ex-gay.

        > I have had one guy from this site in the Dallas area already want
        > check out our group... we will love and support him for the person
        > is... nothing more... nothing less....

        I had a friend over 20-years ago whom I did not know was gay. After
        graduating from high school, he came to live in Dallas and eventually
        became involved in an ex-gay ministry. The ex-gay leader of this
        group "put the make" on him and they became a couple. Last I heard,
        they were living together as a couple somewhere in the Orlando area.
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