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  • Bill Prickett
    Jan 28, 2011
      Good morning, everyone.  I've been part of this Yahoo group for several years, sometimes more active, but always monitoring.
      I have written a new novel (my second), and this one deals extensively with the ex-gay issue, and shows an extreme attempt at reparative treatment.  Since you've all experienced the attempt to be "cured," I'd welcome your thoughts and insights.  (Sorry for the commercial, but I regularly get people writing to me who don't believe the ex-gay groups are that bad or dangerous.)
      I just started a new discussion on my Facebook where I will be dealing with some of techniques/methods used my book (which I admit, for the sake of fiction, was a bit extreme). I've already gotten two private messages from those who think I'm slamming these groups and being too harsh.  "Surely they do some good," one guy told me.  "I have a friend who used to be gay, but who's now happily married."  <SIGH>
      Hope you'll check it out.  And if you get the book, please let me know your thoughts.
      Bill Prickett

      The Mind Set on the Flesh
      A story of deception in the name of religion.
      But what happens when the truth comes to light?

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