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  • John Brown
    Oct 1, 2009
       I was  in Eureka from 1973- 1982 and with a church there that had a group from Love in Action come share with us in about 1978 -1979 from San Rafael. Out church had a center in Eureka New Life Center in Ridgewood Heights at the Old Assemblies of God campground.Rev. Charles John Peterson was the pastor. For awhile they were referring gays to us to help make them ex gay and we had several my self included who claim to be healed and no longer gay. In my case it was a sham but it would another 25 years almost before I could accept the truth about myself and finally came out as an openly gay man. The center lasted until about 1982 and then closed. As for most of the others I knew from the group, or those who stayed at the center I long since forgotten their names and the few I knew about after they had first left had gone back into the life style and I am not sure wanted anything to do with Christ or church. If any one know what I am talking about or was
      at the center in the time I was there 1976-1979 would love to talk with you. Or anyone just want to talk I am willing to talk with you. I am currently working in a gay affirming Catholic church and studying for the deaconate at the moment. So still going on with the Lord as an openly gay man. Anyway those are my memories of them
      God bless you all
      John W. Brown

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      Hi. My name is Robert and I'm from Dallas, TX. During my attempts at being
      ex-gay (1984-1991), I was making tentative plans on being a part of the
      LIA program in San Rafael, CA, in 1987. It didn't materialize because I had to
      have some difficult surgery which kept me from going. In retrospect, I am
      so glad I never did it. Knowing the way I am, I would have failed, moved to
      San Francisco, and lived a reckless lifestyle. God protected me from
      going, I believe. Thanks for letting me share my story.

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      Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2009 17:08:47 +0000
      Subject: [ExExGayMinistry] Connecting

      Hey Guys:
      Haven't been on here for awhile. I survived Love in Action 1988
      (Exodus/San Rafael, CA). Just wondering if there are any of my friends out there from
      the old daze. Doing some amazingly transformative work in regards to
      integrating my bisexual side.
      Here's the new contact info:
      Drew VanDyche (aka Drew Barrymore, Drucifer, Drewblood, Drewski)
      Berkeley, CA

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      Does this mean you are "cured" now?

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