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  • Larry
    Apr 8 9:16 PM
      Well, maybe it is time I become more active in this group. If the Owner needs another Moderator, I will be glad to volunteer to help out. I already "own" a number of secular groups as well as one that brings men who need mentors together with men who want to mentor together called "Hugs of Love"

      My prayer meeting group at church has been having prophesy that it is time that my ministry to Gay folk is about to unfold in a very big way. Five years ago, my pastor said that I was too old to attend Seminary. No one wanted a minister over 60 years of age, especially one who was openly gay and participated in fetishes and bdsm and refused to be celibrate. I asked him whether they would accept a straight old man who was not celibrate but dated a different woman every week or even every night. He has yet to answer me.

      I had several comments on my post. One from a Gay Pastor that I know and one from a Mother of a Gay man who disagreed with some of my ideas. I say great. I have received letters quoting all the passages in the Bible about gays. Interestingly enough, I never get any quoting all the passages in the Bible about staight lust. Wonder if people ever notice that staight lust is forbidden almost six to one over gay lust?

      So, anyway, lest anyone accuse me of pointing out the speck in the eye and trying to minimize the post in my own eye, what do some of the rest of you feel?
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