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4224What Happened to the Group?

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  • Larry
    Apr 5, 2009
      I hope my post about a Pfishing site called Grouply did not cause
      the lack of posts to this group.

      Ex-Ex-Gay Ministry is a legitamate Ministry and has been helping
      a lot of Gay Men and women who have been involved in religious
      organizations which claim that you have to "Deny yourself" in order
      to be a Christian.

      I know, I was involved in such a church for many years. And like
      many gays, I tried to deny myself and be Ex-gay. But in reality, I
      was living a double life, living as a gay in secret and hypocrit at

      In my case, I changed churches and happened into a church that did
      not practice that interpretation of the Bible. In fact, the first time I
      went, I told the pastor that I felt called to minister to Gays. He said
      "Great, we have been trying to get such a ministry going. Are you
      attending Pride today?" I ask him why I would attend such a thing.
      He told me, that if I were Gay, it was a great place to meet other gays
      who needed to get the message that God loved and accepted them
      as they were.

      I went to Pride and developed one of the worst Migraine headaches
      of my life. But at the same time, I felt like it was the right thing to
      be doing. I got involved in "Reconciling to Christ" and found out there
      was more than one interpretation of the Bible passages. It took two
      years and an assistant pastor who told me
      "If God Created you to be a Gay Man, God wants you to be Gay and you
      should live a gay life, you are doing what God wants. If you were created
      to be straight and you are living a gay life, that is not what God wants
      you to be and you are sinning."

      Years later I attended a National Conference where the subject was
      "Whether Gays should be allowed to be Ministers in our Church"
      I spoke to the issue with a very short statement and a question. "You
      are saying that these people chose to be Gay and should be banned from
      ministry. What I want to know is, when did you straight people Choose to
      be Straight. You look at me and say 'we were born that way, we did not
      choose to be straight". I ask you 'is it possible that these people did not
      choose to be gay, but were born that way, just like you were?"

      The issue which was deadlocked up to that point, passed with 85% in favor.

      Why am I Ex-Ex-Gay or in other words, Gay? Because I was born this way.
      From the moment I realized a sexual identity, I knew I was gay, that my other
      half was to be another man. I had no interest in females. They do nothing
      for me. I have no sexual interest in them. I can be friends with them.

      So, why not just say that I am gay? Because telling the world that I am Ex-Ex-
      tells them that I have considered the options and I have chosen to be Gay the
      way God intended me to be. I was born that way, tried to change, and now
      understand that I am a Gay man because God intended me to be a gay man.

      Any of you who want to write to me, you are welcome to.

      Larry Rogers
      Minneapolis, Minnesota
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