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4110Fixing Frank

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  • Scott Russell
    Nov 6, 2006
      Has anyone else seen the recent DVD release "Fixing Frank." I saw it on sale at Netflix for $5 or so and it sounded somewhat interesting. It stars Dan Butler, of "Frasier" fame, and other recognizable gay actors.

      Here's the description:

      At the urging of his psychologist boyfriend, Jonathan, investigative reporter Frank sets to work on an exposé of Dr. Arthur Apsey, a therapist known for his controversial work in "curing" homosexuality. Posing as a gay patient who wants to "convert," Frank enlists in a course of treatment -- and soon finds that the sessions stir up unsettling questions and doubts about his sexuality and identity.

      I don't want to comment too much here so that I won't prejudice people's opinions. If you want to comment on it with details about the movie, please preface them with a "SPOILERS" warning.

      Like this...

      SPOILERS! If you haven't seen the movie yet, and want to form your own opinion first, don't read the following:

      I definitely find the movie problematic, but also confusing. What is the point? Is it about the relationship rather than the therapy? Is it a tirade against therapy/therapists in general? There is a director's commentary I should listen to. I'm very curious to know the "back-story" -- what motivated the playwright?

      It's not a bad movie -- the acting is pretty good -- but I'm just not sure what to "make" of it...

      I happened to watch it with Harry Knox of the HRC who was visiting and he thought it was "disturbing." He never went through the ex-gay filter, so it did spur a GREAT conversation between us.

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