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  • nyguy_1225
    Nov 5, 2006
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      I just happened to catch this post tonight. What "causes"
      homosexuality? We're really still in the stone-age when it comes to
      answering this question. Interestingly, in 2003, to mark the 50th
      anniversary of the discovery of the DNA double helix, the
      magazine "Scientific America" published an interview with James D.
      Watson. Watson was one of the co-discoverers of the DNA double
      helix, and therefore hardly a lightweight in the field of genetic
      science. As part of the duo (James Watson and Francis Crick) who
      proposed the double helix model for the structure of DNA in 1953, he
      is responsible for giving us the molecular model that in many ways
      changed both science and society.

      One of the questions they asked him during the interview was: "If you
      were starting out as a researcher now, what kind of things would you
      study?" Watson said: "I'd be working on something about connections
      between genes and behavior. Some people say they're mystified that
      men can like men, but I say, it's just as mysterious as why men like
      women," implying that even basic heterosexuality involves a key
      genetic element.

      Scientists increasingly are discovering that almost everything in
      life -- including our sexuality -- results from a combination of BOTH
      genetic AND environmental factors. To reduce the "cause" of
      sexuality (hetero- or homo-) to either the nature or nurture argument
      misses the complexity of what we all are. They know now without
      question that even the most basic GENETIC traits require
      ENVIRONMENTAL factors for those genes to ultimately "express"
      themselves. There is a sensitive and multifaceted balance between
      the two that we haven't even begun to crack. Bottom line: What
      causes some people to be gay? The answer is as complex as we are.


      --- In exexgayministry@yahoogroups.com, "Pete Zayonce"
      <pete.zayonce@...> wrote:
      > Hi everyone,
      > I've got three questions which you're welcome to answer, or not.
      > carefully about your response to each one, explain where
      > 1. What (if anything) do you believe caused you currently be gay
      or have
      > previous gay feelings?
      > 2. What/who (other than the bible) has caused you to believe that
      being gay
      > needs to be changed?
      > 3. What is your current belief about the issue?
      > There's no pressure to participate, and if you answer, please think
      > your answers and give honest ones.
      > Thanks,
      > Pete
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