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  • p2son
    Jan 17, 2006
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      I want to introduce you to Marvin, an "ex-gay" Jew for Jesus, who has
      been offering audio blog postings on my blog. Some of you may enjoy
      this crazy character.

      Meet Marvin

      Marvin's New Year's Message

      Marvin at the Movies (Where Marvin "reviews" Brokeback Mountain)

      Marvin in the Sunshine

      Marvin Does Breakfast

      Marvin's Mentor (As a graduate of the New Life Restoration Flowing
      Waters Ex-Gay Ministry , Marvin has a mentor to help him straighten
      out his life)

      Marvin on Christian Murderers & More (Where after learning of the GCN
      conference, Marvin answers the critical question, "Is there such a
      thing as a gay Christian?")

      Marvin on Gossip & Other Sins

      Enjoy! (Oh, and Marvin LOVES comments)

      Peterson Toscano
      Theatrical Performance Activist

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