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3789Documentary project - conversations with former "ex-gays"

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  • westflsilverfox
    Aug 2 10:38 AM
      I know that many of your are already aware of my documentary project
      FISH CAN'T FLY. www.fishcantfly.com
      Response to the film have been very positive, particularly from
      individuals who have participated in "ex-gay" programs. You're
      encouraged to visit the website and check out the Coming Out link at
      the top of page. We're in the process or organizing an effort which
      will take place this October. People are being encouraged to share the
      screening of the film and hold discussions about the content of the
      film following. Basically we're trying to shed some more light on the
      issue by telling the personal stories of some of those who have been
      involved. The purpose and details of this effort are spelled out on
      the Coming Out page. Please stop by and have a look. I should also
      mention that the film is now available on DVD.
      Tom Murray