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3701Update on our church planters...

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  • Micah Royal
    Jun 3, 2005
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      I just thought I'd share with y'all the mission & vision statement
      we put together for our church plant.
      Grace and peace,


      Mission of Church without Walls
      Our mission is to help people in our community and our world find
      reconciliation with God, a full and meaningful life, reconciliation
      with others, and justice for those oppressed through applying the
      life and teachings of Jesus.

      We envision a world without prejudice, where people of all races,
      genders, sexual orientations, gender identities, cultures, and
      levels of disablement can live in equality and harmony as brothers
      and sisters in God's family. We envision a world where all know
      that they are beloved by God and live without fear of persecution or
      abuse for who they are, where all can discover their fullest
      potential without shame.

      We envision our part in the journey to building that day--

      We envision a congregation in the Inland Empire bringing together
      people from all categories of life around the Gospel of
      Reconciliation building intentional community with each other,
      discovering through that message and community skills to tear down
      walls of prejudice, hatred, internalized prejudice, and
      discrimination in their lives, their families, and their community.

      We envision a congregation that reaches out in non-condemning ways
      to those who have been marginalized and rejected by traditional
      communities of faith, so they can realize God's love and acceptance
      of them in Jesus and the positive, life-affirming change that Jesus'
      teachings and life can bring to their lives.

      We envision these individuals being networked into ministries and
      programs which enable them to grow in their intimacy with God, in
      communion with people of all walks of life, in their personal
      application of Jesus' life and teachings, and in their knowledge of
      their gifts and God-given abilities to such a point that they become
      better partners to their spouses, better parents, children,
      employers, employees, teachers, citizens, and more healthy people.

      We envision these individuals being empowered to discover their own
      role in the work of Jesus by applying their gifts and talents to the
      work of facilitating reconciliation with God, a full and meaningful
      life, reconciliation with others, and justice for those oppressed
      in their communities and world.

      We envision clear structures being set up for people to become
      trained for leadership in this community of faith and many of those
      who are restored to God through this ministry becoming pastors,
      teachers, evangelists, church-planters, people who speak out
      prophetically, and lay leaders.

      We envision these leaders continuing the momentum of this movement
      of the Spirit so that other communities of faith committed to these
      same values and mission are planted throughout our region, our
      state, our nation, and our world.

      We envision our community of faith's leaders and members building
      bridges in their community and world in a way that it changes the
      climate of their communities and nation(s) and brings positive
      social change.

      We dream of all this coming from our now-small group finding its
      place in God's great plan, believing that our dream will bear fruit,
      for when the Spirit is poured out, men and women, young and old,
      dream new dreams, see new visions, and speak the words of God. How
      could our God give us a dream that would not be fulfilled?