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  • Korry Korry
    Mar 1, 2005
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      I am sure, Dave, that you take this topic very
      seriously. It is funny, though, that you questioned my
      honesty. When I was a young man, I was, like you Dave,
      an unreflective knee-jerk gay rights advocate. I
      remember coming out to my entire freshman class in
      college because the guys were going to put on a skit
      that portrayed all gay men as flaming pansies (this
      was 1982). I announced that not only am I gay, but
      that I have never known any gay man who behaved in
      such a manner. They dropped the idea for the skit,
      well and good. Yet at the same time, amongst the few
      other gay friends I had, we all used to lament that
      the city�s main gay bar (it had three) were all full
      of flaming nellies. And they were! Screaming Barbra
      fans, the whole nine yards. To find a guy who didn�t
      act like that was a rarity, and to find a guy who was
      both butch and muscular was nearly impossible. This
      was the early 80�s, mind you, when the beanpole look
      was the standard for guys, before AIDS and steroids
      sent everyone off to gymns.

      The notion that right-wing, religious homophobia is
      causing a new generation of guys to bareback and drop
      meth, with the resultant new strains of HIV, is total

      Of course, unreflective knee-jerk political activists
      don�t help public perceptions of gay men that much. I
      used to live with one. This guy silk-screened his own
      tee-shirts, and would frequently wear one which had in
      bold letters: GAY PRIDE over a scanned image from a
      porn rag featuring graphic, hardcore butt-fucking.
      And when I said he wore one, I meant in public, such
      as when he went off to Safeway to buy groceries. Smart
      guy, too, a honors pre-law graduate and very apt at
      repeating the exact same arguments that Dave is using
      in this forum. He also argued that children should be
      forced into prostitution for their own good and that
      parent-child incest was beneficial to the child. I
      will give you, Dave, the benefit of a doubt and not
      think that you go THAT far.


      --- Dave <drespapa@...> wrote:

      > I'm not joking at all, I take this topic very
      > seriously and I read
      > your first post all the way through before
      > responding. Something you
      > clearly did not do with my response, or you are
      > deliberately being
      > rude by addressing me as Ms. No where did I deny
      > the problems that
      > you choose to focus on again. I see NARTH and
      > Nicolosi as PART of
      > the problem, the attitude presented in your note is
      > to me a
      > contributing factor in exactly what you say you are
      > concerned about.
      > The constant mantra of "fags are sick nasty pigs"
      > will NEVER have a
      > postitive impact and helps quarantee another
      > generation of men who
      > don't care enough about themselves to cultivate safe
      > and healthy
      > sexual habits. I said "supposedly" because there
      > are tons of
      > examples of "questioning" posts on every group like
      > this that are
      > nothing more than poorly disguised bashing rants.
      > Whether you have
      > experienced what you say or not is completely your
      > business but it
      > changes nothing in how I see your note. As I said -
      > in your own
      > journey I hope you find what you are seeking. Dave
      > --- In exexgayministry@yahoogroups.com, Korry Korry
      > <korrykorrykoan@y...> wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > --- drespapa <drespapa@c...> wrote:
      > > > If by "flamed" you mean notes of disagreement,
      > I'll
      > > > be the first. You are
      > > > making broad generalizations and judgments based
      > > > (supposedly) on your own
      > > > experience. I defy you to name ONE sleazy
      > >
      > > What a joke,drespapa. Supposedly? As if in
      > reality I
      > > were the Church Lady from SNL and I merely
      > repeating
      > > rumors I culled off the �net?
      > >

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