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3499Re: [ExExGayMinistry] My schizophrenia

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  • Dannyzahalfangel@aol.com
    Mar 1, 2005
      as far as the marriage thing i stated, i was simply making a point to make
      certain str8 'christinas' understand; otherwise i wouldn't of controdicted my
      self purposely ; p.

      my best friend is pagan as well, she practices wicca (i used to as well),
      which is another subject on its own lol, but good im glad to hear that different
      religions can somehow come together as one; it expresses open mindedness.

      the way guys treat girls is also another subject entirely- one of my friends
      wanted a breat implant and i told her i hope u r doing it for ur self not guys
      view of whats beautiful. Men (genralizing again) expect women to look, act in
      certain ways, i don't like it either, this machoism thing is truly annoying
      and stupid.
      N-e ways u have to also understnad that if one could try and convert ppls
      opinions of a certain type of ppl whether gay/str8/bi/christian/asian whatever,
      one will attempt it as best sudible so as to help others (in the same position)
      who aren't strong anough to defend themselves, have a better life coping with
      the various situations of stereotyping.

      about the unhappiness i stated, i am half way there, true- but im still
      growing as ive said, i'm only 22 and still living life as it comes. im an extremly
      opne-minded individual tho, as i understand many different points of views;
      mine are just opinions and i don't mean anything harmful by them just simply
      trying to make points and debate, this is all...
      as of now i think im more educated in many things than other 22 year olds, i
      cna look at life with stern and pride and if i fall because of defeat at least
      i've died trying the best that i could- thus i will become more happier as
      the years go by.
      i like ur comments jayelle : )
      at least im not speaking to someon who completley feels offended with my
      comments or doesn't hear me out.
      xoxoxox ~danny
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